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SWE 2014

Pay and Personnel

HUMS: Commander (PSC-epm) authorizes no-cost TDY orders for a maximum of how many months? 6 Months
No Cost PCS Orders for up to how many years? 2 years
If Hardship is permanent what will they initiate? Discharge
TOSS are intended for what? Applying for a Merchant Mariner License
Where can TOSS requests be sent? PPC (ses)
How long can a TOSS take? 90 Days
If a member elects to recieve CSB, what type of retirement will they be entitled to? MRRA (redux)
When a member is in confinement for 90 days or more who maintains the memebers SPO PDR and medical PDR? SPO PDR to PPC (PERS) Medical PDR Maintained by BRIG
Member cancels SGLI for spouse, how many days does the SGLI continue 120 Days
FSSA entitlement may not exceed how much per month? $1100
SBP: Premiums from retired pay stop when the member attains what age or how many years of premium payments? 70 years of age or 30 years(360 mths) of payments
Members must submit a new FSSA application by when in order to have FSSA restored? March 2nd
What is the first step when processing an Accession? Job requisition
In DA, a member in a missing status is shown as what? MSG
PPC(ras) should receieve a members 4700 by when? 30 days prior to retirement or start of terminal leave
What code needs to be explained on a CG-3307 when a member re-enlists? Article 137
When reporting the return of a deserter, what form must be distributed? DD-616
Minimum base amount for SBP? Maximum base amount? $300 Full Retired Pay
How long a member is considered an absentee? When is a member considered a deserter? First 29 days On the 30th day
On the 31st day of absence the member is declared to be a deserter, the commanding officer shall issue what form? DD-553 Deserter/Absentee
When should an SOI be entered for: End of enlistment? Retirement? Extension? 45 days 60 days 45 days
How many types of discharges are there and what are they? 5 Honerable, General, Other than honerable, Bad conduct, Dishonerable.
A Member wants to request an extension to their HUMS, when should the request be submitted? At least a month before the current HUMS expires
How many reasons for discharge are there? 14
To be eligible for appointment to warrent grade, member must have at least how much active service? 8 Years
In accessions who hires applicant? CGHRSUP
4 Criteria for CSB? Be on active duty, Complete 15yrs active service, Have DIEMS of 01AUG1986 or later, No pending actions that result in SEP.
Created by: Cspinazzola
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