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SWE 2014


The subject line on a memo should be how many words? 10 words or less
SSIC for General Material? 10,000
When formatting a directive, what format do you use? Styles in MS word
BCMR and PRRB requests are submitted on what form? DD-149
What information must be included on every CG-3307? Header, Preperation and Submission of Administrative Remarks
When does a personnel records review Board (PRRB) consist of 4 members? If error is alleged in an officer evaluation report (OER)
When must PRRB applications be received by commandant (CG-12)? Within 1 year of the date
The PRRB will consist of at least how many board members? 3
What is the normal filling limir for applications to the BCMR? 3 years from the date of discovery of the alleged error or injustice
PRRB applications should have the original and how many copies enclosed in the package? 5 copies
Within how many days should reply be sent for congressional correspondences in regards to a personal matter? 5 calendar days
You should normally answer correspondense within how many days? 15 work days
How many P&D 3307's are there? 36
A 10-20-10 (Abused unremarried former spouse) can get an ID card for how long? 4 years
What color is the IRR ID Card? Green
Within how many days should a reply be sent for congressional correspondences in regards to a military matter? 10 calendar days
When destroying a PDR document is authorized, what are the three methods to destroy them? Burning, Shredding and pulverizing.
GRDDEC stands for what on the DD form 1172? National Guard Deceased
What color ID do retired reservists get: Under the age of 60? Over the age of 60? Red Blue
If a person doesnt have proof but you are certin they are entitled to a card, what is the max you can issue the card for? 90 days
Reissue the directive whenever cumlative changes result in the replacement of what percentage of the directives? 50% or more
How many months can a member who has been assigned to TDRL recevice and ID card? 30
All directives should be reviewed how often? Every 4 years
A Short business letter is how many words long or how many lines? Less than 8 lines or 100 words?
What does RAPIDS stand for? Real-Time Automated Personnel Identification System
When drating a directive, use no more than how many levels? 6
Name the items that are required on all second and succedding Pages of COast Guard Memorandums? SSIC, Subject Line, and date.
Created by: Cspinazzola
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