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SWE 2014


Who was the first SPAR E-9? Pearl Faurie
Which UCMJ article pertains to Miranda/Tempia rights? Article 31(B)
Who was the keeper of Lime Rock stations? Ida Lewis
When was the DHS established? November 25th, 2002
What are the 7 steps of the Operation Rick Managment Process (ORM) *Define Mission Tasks* *Identify Hazards* *Assess Risk* *Identify Options* *Evaluate risk vs Gain* *Execute decision* *Monitor situation*
When was the CG transferred to the Navy? April 1917
Examples of privileges that can be withheld due to EMI? Special Liberty, Base Parking, Commissary and Exchange
Who were the first African American females to enter the SPAR's in 1945? Olivia Hooker, D. Winifred Burd, Julia Mosley Yvonne Cumberbach, Aileen Cooke
How many missions does the CG have? 11
What pay grade is RDMI? O-7
When did the "Racing Stripe" appear throughout the CG? April 6th, 1967
The CG Ensign contains how many perpendicular red and white stripes? 16
He was awarded the bronze star for his heroic actions while attached to the CGC Point Welcome? Richard Patterson
Who is the father of the CG? Alexander Hamilton
What are the potential (SOSO) Speed of Service Objective time frames? Flash(z) Immediate(O) Priority (P) Routine(R) As fast as possible with a goal of Flash(10min), Immediate(30min), Priority(3hr), Routine(6hr)
In what war did the Eagle recapture the nancy and Mehitable? Quasi-War
When did the CG transfer to the DHS? March 1st, 2003
What cutter is credited with the firing the first naval shots of the Civil War? Harriet Lane
Who was credited with saving more than 600 lives, earning two gold medals, and three silver? Joshua James
Who is the author of "Roots"? Alex Haley
Who single handedly rescued ten people from the grounded ship, Priscilla? Rasmus Midgett
Who was awarded the Medal of Honor for their actions while serving in the Union Army during the Civil War? Marcus A. Hanna
Who was a Two-Time winner of the Gold Lifesaving Medal? Frederick Hatch
Who was the first Coast Guard E-9? Kerwin
Who were the first uniformed women to serve in the Coast Guard? Genevieve and Lucille Baker
E-9 advancement requires how many years minimum active service? 12
When was the first MCPO-CG instated? August 1st, 1969
When did the first Coast Guardsman advanced to E-9? November 1st, 1958
Who was the first MCPO-CG? Charles Calhoun
What year did the first uniformed women serve in the Coast Guard? 1918
Created by: Cspinazzola