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Power Pro Vol 3

What is the minimum amount of current that can kill you? One tenth of an amp (0.1 A or 100 mA).
What should you use to move the victim or conductor away from a person connected to a live circuit if the power cannot be turned off? Insulated object.
If you cannot control a victim’s bleeding by direct pressure alone, you apply a tourniquet.
What is the body’s natural attempt to keep oxygen-rich blood flowing to the most important organs, such as the brain, heart, and lungs? Shock.
What is the proper rate for rescue breathing? One breath every 5 seconds.
Everything in the universe is made of what? Matter.
What are two or more different elements that are chemically joined called? Compound.
What is the purest part of a substance that can be broken down and retain its properties as that element? Element.
What is the smallest form of an element? Atom.
What is the outermost shell of an atom called? Valence shell.
How many electrons do conductors have in the valence shell? Between 1 to 3.
In contrast to good conductors, we consider substances that have how many free electrons to be insulators? Between 5 to 8.
Semiconductors are not good conductors or insulators and are made of substances that have how many free electrons? 4.
What causes heat, chemical change, shock, electrocution, and magnetism to occur? Movement of electrons.
When it comes to resistance in a piece of wire, what does a smaller surface area cause? Higher resistance.
What type of voltage normally maintains the same magnitude, but may vary? Direct current (DC).
What electrical terms does Ohm’s Law describe a relationship of? Voltage, current, and resistance.
What is the relationship of current based on Ohm’s Law? Directly proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance.
What, besides a battery, can provide a power source for a direct current (DC) circuit? Rectifier
What device allows you to control a direct current (DC) circuit manually? Switch.
What is the biggest difference between using a circuit breaker and a fuse? You won’t need to replace a circuit breaker when it trips.
What is the characteristic for total current in a direct current (DC) series circuit? Equal throughout the circuit.
What is the characteristic of the total resistance in a parallel circuit? Less than the resistance of the smallest resistor.
What type of direct current (DC) circuit has more than one path for current to flow but have at least one resistor that receives the total circuit current passing through it? Series-parallel circuit.
What is the characteristic for total power in a series parallel circuit? Sum of the power at each individual resistor.
What type of circuit typically has a parallel circuit with one or more legs having series portions? Combination circuit.
In an alternating current (AC) circuit, how many electrical degrees does it take to form a complete cycle? 360.
What does the vertical line (up and down) on a sine wave graph represents? Magnitude.
When you hear about the frequency of electricity, what is the timeframe the number of complete cycles that occur in? 1 second.
How many peaks does each cycle have in an alternating current (AC) voltage signal? 2.
What do we refer to the percentage of peak voltage it took to produce the same amount of work as a direct current (DC) circuit as? Effective value.
Since the resistance acts a little different in an alternating current (AC) circuit, what do we refer to the resistance in an AC circuit as, which is represented by the X? Reactance.
What is an example of a use for a variable resistor? Dimmer switch for a light.
What is the effect if an inductor uses an iron core compared to one that has an air core? More inductance.
What are transformers made up of? Two or more coils of wire and a core.
If the secondary coil of a transformer has less coil turns, what does the transformer do to meet circuit needs? Steps the voltage level down.
If the secondary coil of a transformer has more coil turns, what does the transformer do to meet circuit needs? Steps the voltage level up.
What type of transformer only uses a secondary coil? Current transformers.
Since most of the capacitors you will see have a rating much lower than one farad, what do we refer to these as, represented by μf? Microfarad.
What do we call the power created by inductance or capacitance? Reactive power.
What do we call the power you think you are providing from your power source if you look at your voltage and current? Apparent power.
How many volt amp (VA) is one kilovolt-amps (kVA) equal to? 1,000 VA.
What formula do we use to determine the power factor? Power factor is equal to true power over apparent power
What occurs when we add impurities to the crystalline structure? Doping.
What characteristic does the construction make the diode have? Low resistance in one direction and a high resistance in the other.
How much resistance does a diode offer to the current flow when the power source connects in the forward bias direction? Low.
What is the bias of a diode when we connect the positive terminal of the battery to the Ntype material and the negative terminal of the battery to the P-type material? Reverse.
What happen when the majority carriers move outward allowing the barrier voltage to increase? Increase in the depletion region.
What do we call the transformer on a full wave rectifier that has three terminals instead of two? Center tap.
What is a distinguishing feature of a bridge rectifier? 4 diodes.
What is a distinguishing feature of a three-phase bridge rectifier? 6 diodes.
Since a static charge can be a hazard, when is it more severe? Dry, cold weather.
At what voltage can static charges ignite gasoline fumes? 1,500 volts.
What size ground must equipment in hazardous areas have for static charges? 1/0 AWG.
What consist of buried wires joined together to form a network of squares? Grid electrodes.
Before making a connection to a ground, what should you check for? Depth the ground rods is driven.
What type of system does current Air Force directives pertaining to grounding systems specify 10,000 ohms maximum for? Static grounds.
What type of grounding pertains to the interconnecting and connection to earth of all noncurrent-carrying metal parts of an electrical wiring system? Equipment.
The resistance of most electrical system grounds below 600 VAC should be 25 ohms or less.
When grounding petroleum, oil, and lubricant (POL) tanks, use at least two grounding rods for tanks with a circumference of 200 feet or less. At what distance of the tank circumference would you add another ground rod? 100 feet.
How often do liquid-fuel maintenance personnel inspect ground cables in tank car and tank truck unloading areas, fill stands, fuel-dispensing areas, piers, and wharves? Monthly.
What can you use to measure both ground resistance and ground circuit continuity, but it’s practical only for measuring static grounds with an ohms value above several thousand ohms? Multimeter’s ohmmeter.
Which test instrument do we use for testing a ground? Earth Resistance Tester
What method do we usually use when we need the resistance of single driven grounds? Direct reference.
The specific gravity of battery electrolyte changes. .004 for every 10 degrees in temperature change.
Visually check the electrolyte level in each cell of a battery. If the level is low, fill the cell to the proper level using distilled water.
Where does a magnet have the greatest amount of magnetism? At each end of the magnet.
What type of magnet does an alloy of aluminum, nickel, and cobalt make up? Permanent.
At what point in the generation of alternating current (AC) does the greatest number of magnetic lines of force cut the conductor causing the voltage to peak? 90 degrees.
What component has stationary field windings that provide the magnetic field to produce electricity? Exciter.
What alternator component offers a slight magnetic force that aligns the main magnetic field so it remains most effective? Interpoles.
What alternator component helps the generator maintain a stable voltage under varying load conditions? Damping windings.
What type of voltage regulator uses a soft iron core at the exciter to create the initial voltage in the alternator? Self-exciting.
What do most exciters use that retain residual magnetism? Soft iron cores.
What does a voltage regulator sense if it increases the current to the exciter field windings causing the magnetic field to get stronger? A drop in voltage level.
What type of alternator consists of a rotating magnetic field and a single set of stator coils? Single phase.
Which alternator configuration has three legs that all connect in the middle? Wye.
How do we refer to the measurement of voltage between a phase and a neutral? Phase voltage.
What alternator configuration has no neutral that is common to all three phases? Delta.
What type of alternator will you will find connected to equipment of the industrial nature? Delta.
What does it indicate if a diode has a high-resistance in one direction and a low-resistance in the other direction? Good diode.
What does it indicate if a diode has a low reading in both directions? Shorted diode.
What instrument is used to check the insulation resistance of an alternator? Megohmmeter.
What do most manufacturers recommend as the preferred method to dry wet alternator windings? Space heaters.
What are two classification of solder we use? Hard and soft.
What is the key to reliable soldering? Cleanliness.
After cleaning and dressing the soldering tip, heat it and tin it with what? Solder.
What component is used with a voltmeter for a three-phase alternator to save money? Selector switch.
What type of transformer is used for an alternating current (AC) ammeter to step down the amount of current from the alternator in a ratio of 80 to 1? Current transformers
What meter indicates the true power load in an alternating current (AC) circuit? Wattmeter.
What meter shows the percentage of the generator’s apparent power used as true power by the resistive load? Power factor meter.
What will a capacitive load cause? Current to lead voltage.
What should you inspect the vibration dampeners sometime used to mount a voltage regulator for? Cracking and deterioration.
If we are soldering the diode’s wiring, what must you use so the heat doesn't damage the diode? Heat sink.
What component typically secures the knob on a control panel? Setscrew.
What is a relay’s only moving part? Armature.
What type of relay is completely self-contained and has no moving parts? Solid state.
What does the closing assembly of a circuit breaker usually consist of? Closing coil or motor and a control switch.
What is a relay equipped with to align the coil and contact pins to the base? Keyway.
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