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Power Pro Vol 1

What Air Force document outlines the basis of the Civil Engineer organizations? AF Doctrine 2-4, Combat Support
What is the difference between an Aerospace Expeditionary Wing (AEW) and an Aerospace Expeditionary Force (AEF)? AEW can quickly deploy and establish operations at new sites anywhere in the world.
What three types of support does the Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency (AFCESA) mission provide to Air Force Installations and civil engineers worldwide? Contingency, operations, and technical.
Who does the flight commander report to? Base Civil Engineer
Three of the Operations flight four elements are Material Acquisition, Facility Maintenance, Heavy Repair. What is the Fourth Element? Infrastructure Support
When an Air National Guard (ANG) or Air Reserve Component (ARC) Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineers (RED HORSE) Unit Mobilizes, who does the unit directly report to? Gaining Major Command
What two units supplement active duty units to create a major force in the worldwide deployments to meet mission requirements? Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Units.
How often will a AFCESA conduct a deployment workshop to coordinate requirements with Air National Guard (ANG) and Air Force Reserve Component (AFRC)? Annually
MAJCOMs establish Unit Type Codes (UTC) for the operations within the command. These codes establish the size, composition, and equipment that make up what type of teams? Prime BEEF
What does the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program (AFCAP) provide to a Prime BEEF team? Relief or augments forces.
What is used to make Prime BEEF unit response times equal or less than the response times for the aircraft units? Deliberate Planning
Being assigned to a Prime BEEF team, you must be ready to mobilize on a moments notice. What must you do to be ready in addition to your duty responsibilities and making sure that your personal affairs are in order? Make sure that your family members are prepared.
Concerning contingency training tiers, what does tier 1 training represent? Home Station Training
What does tier 2 training sites make available to units? Specialized contingency equipment
The primary purpose of Tier 3 training at a Silver Flag site is for students to show their ability to preform what tasks in a team environment? Critical Contingency
What provides a Prime BEEF unit with a listing of items to deploy with? Equipment and Supplies Listing (ESL)
What establishes a systematic framework for decision-making with regard to the development of Air Force installations? Comprehensive planning
What helps the visually explain the narrative contained in the general plan, component plans, and special plans and studies? Maps
What enables the Expeditionary GeoBase? GEO Reach Process
What are geospatial data layers supporting one or more functional communities specific missions or processes called? Mission Data Sets
Who may designate a fused installation picture as classified depending on the potential threat visibility that arises when otherwise unclassified common installation picture (CIP) and mission data sets (MDS) layers are combined. Functional communities
Which publication covers the classification of Air Force specialty codes (AFSC)? Air Force Manual 36-2108, Enlisted Classification.
Why does the Air Force use Air Force specialty codes (AFSC) prefixes like "T" in the example "T3E072"? Designate an ability, skill, special qualification.
As a journeyman, you are expected to know assigned duties and perform them in a timely manner with..? Minimum Supervision
What is the Chief Enlisted Manager code that indentifies a CMSgt or CMSgt select as the top enlisted manager for the Civil Engineers? 3E000
Who is responsible for obtaining the highest possible score on your end of course exam for CDC's? You
What document identifies education and training requirements for every career field and serves as a road map for career progression? Career Field Education and Training Plan (CFETP)
What is the forum to change the Career Field Education and Training Plan? Utilization and Training Workshop (U&TW)
Regarding proficiency scores, what part will never be used alone since knowledge is required with it? Task Performance
What must a trainee do before completing a diamond task? AF Qualification training package (QTP), and CerTest.
Once you are able to complete a task on your own, without help, who will place a completion date in your Specialty Training Status (STS)? Trainer
Which screen in COVER Train contains basic information about you? Profile
Which COVER train screen allows your section to document training for one of a kind systems? 797
Which screen will your supervisor sign you off on as you complete the required Air Force Qualification Training Package (AFQTP)? AFQTP
Where will your supervisor document all of your on the job training in the COVER Train program? JQS
Who does the Master Task Listing (MTL) identify specific training for in a section? Each Individual
Within how many days will your supervisor conduct a training needs review after your assignment to your new section? 90 Days
If the individual meets all of the training goals for your section, what training code will you assign to them? R
What higher authorities drive certification in a job area? National or Department of Defense
CERtest is a power training management tool. What can it measure concerning training and experience? Strengths and weaknesses
What will you give your supervisor a good insight on where you need training the most? CERTest pretest results
What annual audit program was developed to ensure that the Air Force's environmental program is operating efficiently? Environmental Compliance Assessment and Management Program (ECAMP)
What is the sixth different type of findings for the Environmental Compliance and Assessment Management Plan (ECAMP) inspection after Carryover; Major; Minor; Positive; and Repeat? Significant
Within how many days should an inspection team complete the Environmental Compliance ans Assessment Management Plan (ECAMP) final reports? 180 days for external; 120 days for internal.
What environmental act establishes a national environmental policy with goals for the protection, maintenance, and enhancement of the environment? National Environmental Policy Act
Who will be responsible for personal actions that have environmental consequences, according to the Air Force Policy Directive 32-70, Environmental Quality? All Personnel
When an environmental assessment is being prepared and no impacts were found, what may a decision maker mark on the findings? Finding of no significant impact (FONSI)
With regards to the environmental analysis time frame, the Council on Environmental Quality sets what kind of time frame for the entire National Environmental Policy Act process? No Strict Timeline
What does the EPCRA section 302 require facilities to notify the state of emergency response commission and the local emergency planning committee for? Presence of any "extremely hazardous substance".
Who MUST you notify if you have hazardous chemicals requiring material safety data sheets? Local fire department
Who appoints the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency? President of the United States.
What two inspections cover the hazardous waste program concerning hazardous waste activities? Scheduled and unscheduled
Who, besides the commander, signs the manifests that track off-base hazardous waste shipment and recycling? Designated Individual.
What should be the first action taken if you have created a new waste stream to determine the waste is hazardous? Create a hazardous profile
What exceptions are there concerning labeling of hazardous waste containers stored in a satellite accumlation point? No exceptions; all containers will be labeled.
Who must develop, implement, and maintain a written hazard communication program for their workplaces? Employers
When may you transfer a chemical in a unmarked container? When you use it immediatlely
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)will be provided to all employees and will be written in what language? English
Other than training for the reason of assignment to a new job, when must an a employer provide training on a hazardous materials? Introduction to new hazards
What can the introduction of low lead levels do to a child besides learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, behavioral problems, stunted growth, impaired hearing, and kidney damage? Reduced IQ
What material is naturally occurring fibrous material and has been around for thousands of years but is very hazardous to your health? Asbestos
When does the asbestos pose the greater risk? When it is released to the air
What are the most common colors of Asbestos floor tile? Dark Green, Brown, and Red
What do your customers measure the services you provide them against? Their own personal standards
When must you respond to, and complete and urgent work order? 7 Calendar Days
How many methods are there if more than one shop needs to be assigned to complete a task? 3
What provides you with a list of required maintenance actions, the reference to complete the tasks, the standard amount of time to complete each task, the crew size required to accomplish the task, and how often the task is complete? Maintenance action sheet
How often will your supervisor produce a recurring work program (RWP) schedule using Interim Work Information Management System (IWIMS) or Automated Civil Engineer System (ACES)? Weekly
What happens to a recurring work program (RWP) item that does not have a complete indicator? It remains on the next week's schedule as working.
What do we call your supervisors accounting for all of your time throughout the day? Inputting Labor
What is the first step to developing an automated report? To determine what information you need to see.
What contains a detailed description of the work, where to perform the work, and a point of contact (POC)? Work Request
What refers to a method where a group of individuals simultaneously contribute ideas to solve a problem? Brainstorming
What is the system that uses both the national stock number (NSN) and the power of local purchase to obtain the material you need to complete your work? Civil Engineer Material Acquisition System (CEMAS)
If material for a job comes in as a partial orders or before work begins, where does material control store it? Holding area
What is simply a material list required to complete a job? Bill of Material (BOM)
What do we call material that your shop stores for use on the job? Shop Stock
Who is responsible for government property, including property issued, found and used? Everyone
Once an individual is found liable, how long does the responsible party have to make a lump sum payment? 30 days
What publications are orders of the Secretary of the Air Force, approved in the secretariat or the Air Staff, which are directive in nature? Air Force Instruction (AFI)
What publications are additional publications that extend or add material to publications issued by higher headquarters or agencies? Supplements
What series of publications cover policy on all aspects of civilian and military staffing, including procuring, promoting, training, and funding? 36 Series
What does the short title search use to find the publication you are looking for? Publication number
Which publication should you follow when the guidance issued by a field unit conflicts with the guidance issued by a higher level unit? the higher-level publication.
What are the two categories that commercial publications fall into? Regulatory and technical
Which commercial publications provide the "How to" aspect of a job? Technical
What military service develops technical manuals for equipment they use? Marines
Which manual contains part numbers, nomenclatures, and other pertinent information necessary to support the piece of equipment? Illustrated parts breakdown
Which manuals may include actions to modify equipment, perform special inspections, or change procedures? Time Compliance Technical Orders
Which type of TCTO can be identified by a border of red X's around the page? Immediate action
Which type of TCTO can be identified by a border of Red X's and /s around the page? Urgent Action
What will the a-page have for a page that should be an original? Zero
What will most dash 1's have at the back of a manual? Index
What is the key piece of information supplied by the introduction that tells you who made the parts? Vendor Codes
What do you do if you can not find a listing of the specific component you are looking for in a dash 4? Look for the next High Assembly
Why must you identify any problems you find in a TO? To allow all Air Force personnel to complete the task the same way.
What method makes the best corrections to problems in a TO? A team effort of many knowledgeable individuals.
Once published, how long does an engineer technical letter remain in effect? Until it is canceled, rescinded, or superseded by a later ETL
What are the two sources that you can get engineer technical letter from? AFCESA publication web page and the US Army Corps of Engineers web page.
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