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chapters 3

Integumentary system contains what? skin, hair, nails, sebaceous glands, sweat glands
The skin is alsso called what? integument, cutaneous membrane
How much does the skin in an adult why? (approximately) 20 pounds
What do the sweat glands do? assist body in maintaing internal temperature
What do the sebaceous glands do? produce sebum, lubricate skin surface
The skin consists of what? Epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous layer
What is the epidermis? Thin, outer membrane layer of skin
What is the Dermis? middle, fibrous connective tissue layer
What is the Subcutaneous layer? innermost layer of fatty tissue
What is the deepest layer of the Epidermis? Basal layer
Describe the function of the basal layer. cells continuously grow and push old cells toward surface, during this process dead cells fill with keratin
What is Keratin? fibrous protein
What are Melanocytes? cells in basal layer, produce black pigment known as melanin, give skin color, protects against ultraviolet rays of sun
What is another name for the Dermis? corium
What is the dermis composed of? connective tusse and collagen fibers
What is another name for the subcutaneous layer? hypodermis
Hair consists of what? hair folicle, hair root, hair shaft, arrector pili muscle
what gives hair its color? melanin
Describe function of sebaceous glands open into hair folicles, secrete the oil sebum, which lubricates ahri and skin and prevents cracking and drying
What is another name for the sweat glands? sudorifeous glands
What is the apocrine gland? foundin pubic and under arm area, produces thick swear that can smell
word for inflammation of the skin dermatitis
name for skin specialist dermatologist
word for abnormal condition of no sweat anhidrosis
name for black tumor melanoma
word for abnormal condition of death necrosis
word for red skin erythroderma
word for pus skin pyoderma
name for injury caused by a blow that causes swelling, pain and bruising contusion
word for bluish tink to skin caused by deoxygenated blood cyanosis
word for blood collecting under skin following blunt trama eccymosis (bruise)
word for red flushing of skin erythema
word for excessive hair growth hirsutism
word for thick hypertrophic scar keloid
word for spots from hemorrhages under skin petechia
word for skin hemorrhage due to fragile blood vessels purpura
name for flat, discolored spot on skin macule
name for firm, solid mass larger than 0.5 cm nodule
name for small, solid raised spot smaller than 0.5 cm papule
what is a first degree burn skin reddened and painful, no blisters, damage to epidermis
what is a second degree burn skin reddened and painful with blisters, damage to epidermis and dermis
what is a third degree burn skin charred, epidermis and dermis burned away, subcutaneous layer exposed
what is cellulitis diffuse acute infection of connective tissue of skin
what is scabies mite infestation
what is varicella contagious viral infection; chickenpox
what is alopecia absence or loss of hair
describe biopsy (BX) removal of piece of tissue to examine under a microscope
what is a dermatome instrument for cutting skin or for producing thin transplants of skin
describe cauterization desctruction of tissue by using chemicals, electricity, heat or freezing
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