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Final test review

What is the normal number of chromisoms in an adult 46
what is an example of connective tissue bone
which part of the long bone contains red bone marrow epiphysis and cancelous
how many lumbar vertebrae are there 5
where are the phalanges toes
which part of the brain controls respiration brain stem
which condition is caused by a virus traveling over the neuro pathway shingles
The eustachian tube connects the throat with the middle ear
Whats another name for the ear drum tympanic membrane
what is the universal blood donor type O
what is the external layer of the heart epicardium
whats another name for the pacemaker of the heart sinoatrial node
where are clusters of lymph nodes found axila
where is inspired air warmed nose
What is the normal respiration rate of an adult per minute 12-20
Where does machinical digestion begin Mouth
How many lobes make up the RIGHT lung 3
urinary tract in order 1 Renal pelvis
urinary tract in order 2 Ureter
urinary tract in order 3 urinary bladder
urinary tract in order 4 urethra
What part of the kidney is responsible for filtering waste product out of the blood Nefron
what is the opposite of milignent beigng
-Per through
a laceration is a ragged edged wound
-intra -endo
correct spelling for inflammation of the bronchi bronchitis
surgical crushing trypsy-
correct spelling for x ray image of the bladder cystogram
correct spelling for rapid flow of blood hemoridge
acronym that describes progressive loss of lung compacity COPD
second stage of labor expullsion
preclampcia metabolic disease of pregnancy
definition of abduction movement away from mid line of body
-allo other
rrhea- discharge
starting point of a muscle origin
small solid raised spot on the surface of the skin less than 0.5 cm papuil
inner most layer of skin subqutaneous
skin can way how much in an adult 20lb
what is the embryo referd to as 0-8 weeks
adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys
whats the name of lymph nodes located in the groin inguinal
a term for visual examination of a joint arthroscopy
what is the normal length of pregnancy 40 weeks
Created by: aolson2839