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chp 11 muscles

Bio 260 ch 11/appendicular muscles/ martini/brulte

What are the 2 major groups of appendicular mucles 1) pectoral girdle/ upper limbs2) pelvic girdle /lower limbs
What is the FX of appendicular muscles? stabilize pectoral and pelvic girdle & move upper/lower limbs
What has the pelvic girdle evolved to do? transfer the weight from axial to appendicular skeleton
Name the 4 divisions fot he pectoral girdle/upper limbs: 1) muscles that position the pectoral girdle2) muscles of upper arm3) muscles of forearm and wrist4) muscles of the hand & fingers
Name the 7 muscles that position the pectoral girdle LT would like to Sub Serrate & Pec Major/Minor Runners: L= levator scapulae T= trapeziusSub = subclaviusSerrate= serratus anteriorPec= pectoralis minorRunner= Major/minor rhomboid
Where is the Levator scapulae located? O= transverse processes of C1-C4I= vertebral border of scapulaA= elevate scapula (shrug shoulders)
Removing the trapezius reveals the ____ and the ____ Minor/major Rhomboidlevator scapulae
Where do the Rhomboids Originate? spinous processes of C7 (minor) to thoracic spine
Where do the Rhomboids insert to move? vertebral border of scapulaeFX: adduct (move towards the midline) and perform downward rotation of scapulae
What is the fan shaped muscle on the lateral (side) wall of chest? serratus anterior
What is the origin of serratus anterior? anterior/superior margins of ribs 1-9
What is the insert of serratus anterior? anterior surface of vertebral border of scapulae
What is the action of serratus anterior protract or abduct (bring shoulders as far forward or anteriorly); Kyphosis reflects protracted shoulder
Name the 2 deep chest muscles 1) pectoralis minor2) subclavius
What is the origin of subclavius ? O= first rib
What is the insert of subclavius? inferior border of clvicle
What is the Action of subclavius? depress and protract the shoulder
What is the Insert of the Pectoralis minor? coracoid Process of scapulaFX: depress and protract shoulder
The origin of the ______ minor is on the anterior (front) surface of ribs 3-5 pectoralis
The small _______ is the only arm muscle attached to scapulae that produces flexion and adduction at shoulder joint. coracobrachialis
The ______ muscle assists the Deltoid muscle when abducting the arm supraspinatus
The subscapularis and ___ ___rotate the arm medially teres major
The origin and action of the subscapularis is: O = subscapular fossaI = lesser tubercle of humerus
Name the 4 rotator cuff muscles: Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus,Teres minor & subscapularis
The ___ and Teres Major rotate the arm laterally infraspinatus
The rotator cuff muscles of ___,___,___ insert into greater tubercle of humerus. Supraspinatus, Infrspinatus, Teres Minor
Like the coracobrachialis muscle, the ___head of the biceps originates from coracoid processof scapula short
The pectoralis _____ origin is on the cartilage ribs 2-6,body of sternum,and inferior clavicle major
The ____ ___ action is extension(increase angle between 2 joints/bones),adduction and medial rotation of shoulder lattisimus dorsi
The origin of Latissimus Dorsi is the ___ ___ of thopracic and lumbar vertebrae, ribs 8-12 spinous process
Latissimus Dorsi inserts on ____ ___ of humerus intertubercular groove
The ___ ___ flexes the shoulder joint and the latissimus dorsi ___ it. pectoralis major / extends
Rotator cuff tendons support the shoulder joint capsule and ___ the range of movement. limit
Most muscles that move forarm and wrist originate on ____ and insert on the ___ and ___ muscles. O= humerusI = radial,ulnar,carpal (forearm and wrist)
The long head of triceps brachii originates on ____ infraglenoid tubercle of scapula
All 3 tricep heads insert on ____ olecranon of ulna
The ___ head of triceps originates on superior,lateral margin of humerus. lateral
The medial head of triceps originate on ____ posterior surface of humerus
Triceps action are as ____ which is antagonistic to biceps. extensors;antagonistic to bicep flexors
The long head of biceps brachii originate on ___ supraglenoid tubercle of on scapula
Both bicep heads insert on __ ___ radial tuberosity
Bicep action is ____ flexion at elbow & shoulder, supination
The triceps brachii ___ the elbow when doing push ups. extend
We are strongest when the forearm is __ and the biceps flexes. supinated
When the forearm is pronated (faces anteriorly),the ____ cannot function effectively due to its insertion. biceps brachii (example is doing a pull up)
The brachialis and brachioradialis __ the elbow flex; triceps is antagonistic
Name 3 superficial muscles that work together to flex wirst. Flexor carpi ulnaris; Flexor carpi radialis; palmaris longus
Flexor carpi radialis flexes and ___,while flexor carpi ulnaris flexes and ___ radialis- abducts / ulnaris- adducts
Extensor carpi radialis action is: extension & abduction (move away from midline)
Extensor carpi ____ produces extension and adduction (moving towards the midline) ulnaris
Pronator teres muscle originates on ___ epicondyle of humerus medial
Supinator originates on ___ epicondyle of humerus and supinates ___ and hand___ lateral/ forearm and hand
In general, extensors are along the ___ and ___ surfaces of the forearm. posterior and lateral
Forearm ___ are found on the anterior and medial surfaces. flexors
Pronator teres and supinator insert on ___ and cause rotaion without flexing or extending the elbow. radius
What causes carpal tunnel syndrome? inflammation of retinaculum restricts movement;median nerve is irritated
Forearm muscles that provide strength and crude cobntrol of the hand are ___ muscles extrinsic
Small Intrinsic hand muscles is for __ control fine
Small intrinsic muscles originate on the __ and ___ bones. carpal/ metacarpal
No muscles originate on the phalanges. T or F true
What are the SX of carpal tunnel syndrome? wrist flexion pain,tingling sensation,numbness on the palm
What is the TX for carpal tunnel syndrome? aspirin,anti inflammatory,use of a splint to prevent movement of wrist
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