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BICSIcabling systems

Chapter 5

CMUC label is what type of cable? Under Carpet
CMR label is what type of cable? Riser
What does the 1000 represent in 1000BaseT? 1000 Mbps or 1 Gbps
Cat6a bandwidth is 500 Mhz, what data rate can it handle? 10 Gbps / 10GBaseT
Stranded patch cords exhibit ___ to ___ % more attenuation. 20 / 50
You have installed Cat6 cable in the horizontal, what type of patch cords will you use at the panel? Cat6 , the same performance rating must be maintained
(T/F) The following cables are included in the overall channel length. -Plenum cable in ceiling -Patch cord at the panel -Riser cable in the 2nd lvl backbone -Patch cord at the users outlet F The Riser cable is not part of the channel length.
What is UTC? Undercarpet Telecommunications Cable
What are two types of shielding? Overall Foil Braid/Mesh surrounded individually
The easiest way to remember types of cable is <--left<-- of the "/" is next to the sheath -->right--> of the "/" is next to the wires. So what kind type of cable is U/FTP? Overall Unshielded twisted pair with foil screened twisted pair
Horizontal cable comes from 24 AWG to 22 AWG. What do stranded patch cords come in? 26 AWG to 24 AWG
What is the purpose for the multipurpose modular 8p8c plug? There are three prongs for gripping the solid core wire.
In outlet types, RJ stands for registered jack and is adopted from the FCC. What does C refer to as? Flush or surfa"C"e mount
An easy way to remember outlet types is to pick a letter to capitalize. W is Wall, RJ is Registered Jack, C is surfa"C"e. If C is already used what do think is used for Comple"X"/Multiline connector? X
What does the last letter represent in 10BaseT? Twisted Pair
What does the last letter represent in 10BaseF? Fiber
Hypothetically speaking if you ran 100 ohm UTP and connected it to 75 ohm coaxial. What would you have? An impedance mismatch
F type coaxial connector is for what series of wire? 59, 6, and 11
series 6 coax has a solid core. series 11U has ____ or ____ core. solid or stranded
Should you pull cable with your fish tape? No. Fish Tape is used to retrieve the pull string or rope.
How much service slack should you leave for a 4pair cable at a work area? 12"
What is the service slack for 4pair cable entering a TR or ER? Furthest corner of room via the pathway + floor to ceiling.
Where would you need 2m of service slack? Stored on the outside of a TE
What is the service slack for a multipair cable entering a TR or ER? The length of the back board + floor to ceiling.
What is the max bend radius for Cat6a cable? 4 times the OD
What are three things you should do at job wrap up? Label the cables Update the floor plan clean the work area
What can be used at 90 degree bend of an open pull if no other installer is available? Pulleys
Your total horizontal cable is nearly the max 90m. How many segment runs will you use? 3 the max segment run should be > 30m.
(T/F) When possible you should always run multipair cable top down. T work with gravity
Using a pulling harness and swivel is the best way to distribute tension in a multicable pull. What would you do if these were not available? Select one cable as the guide and tape the next two cables approx. 3" behind it. Each next set of two cables would be 3" behind. ect...
You have place a half hitch around every cable in bunch. How many half hitches will you place around the whole bunch? 3 and don't forget the knot.
Where do place the electrical tape on a bunch of cables? the knot and every half hitch.
What is the tensile strength of common pull string? 75 to 200 lbf
Which of the following should not be used to install pull string in an open area ceiling? A. Telescopic Pole B. Remote Control Vehicle C. Tie string to tool and throw D. Dart Gun C. never tie the string to a tool and throw it.
What is recommend for use when pulling high performance data cables in a conduit? lubricant
You have a 6 cable bunch ready for a pull. What is the max pulling force allowed? Still 25 lbf
(T/F) Exceeding the bend radius during a pull is ok as long as you fix the bend radius after the pull. F maintain bend radius always
What is bend radius of a multipair cable? 10 times the OD
D-rings are typically used to ___ separate cables on a back board
Which of the following is not a pretermination function? A. Organizing the cable by destination B. Forming and dressing the cable C. Using proper cable management D. Testing the cable D. Testing the cable is done after termination.
Combing the cables and dressing them to look orderly is fine within the cable management of a rack, but how about within a cable tray? Do not dress cables in a tray, allow them to lay naturally to reduce alien crosstalk
What is the max bend radius of a patch cord? 1x the diameter
66, 110, BIX, and LSA blocks are all examples of what types of blocks? IDC
What does IDC stand for? Insulation Displacement Contact
What is the max untwist of a pair? 1/2 inch
What is a knuckle? A sharp turn of a wires mated pair crossing at a 90 degree angle.
Can you terminate Cat6a to a 110 block? No. Cat6a is used on a 210 block.
What type of block comes in 50, 100, 300, and 900 pair wall mount counts? 110
What type of block comes in 50, 250, 300, and 900 piar wall mount counts? BIX
What type of coaxial connector does BICSI recommend? Compression
A Cat5e patch cord needs to be replaced. You don't have one available. Can you make one in the field and use it? Yes, but it should be replaced with a factory certified one as soon as possible.
What is phase 1 of the trouble shooting process for 100ohm balanced twisted pair? The visual check of all pathways and spaced where possible.
What is phase 2 of the trouble shooting process for 100ohm balanced twisted pair? Using various test equipment
What is phase 3 of the trouble shooting process for 100ohm balanced twisted pair? Documentation.
When can you move from phase 1 to phase 2? When all visual discrepancies have been completed.
What is the most important part of phase 3? To download your test equipments test results to a computer for review and processing.
Certification test sets have accuracy levels starting at IIe which should be use on what performance level of cable? Cat5e
Match the following accuracy level to cable: A. IIe 1. Cat6 B. III 2. Cat5e C. IV 3. Cat6a D. IIIe 4. Cat7 A. IIe to 2. Cat5e B. III to 1. Cat6 C. IV to 4. Cat7 D. IIIe to 3. Cat6a
What equipment has modules that can tone several cable at one time? Cable-End Locator Kit
What is a TDR and what does it measure? Time Domain Reflectometer / Measures cable length.
Insertion Loss; Length; NEXT; FEXT; ACRF; PSACRF; Return Loss; Propagation; Delay Skew. Can all be measured by what? Certification Test Set
The test cables of a Certification Test Set are limited to how many insertions? 5000
How often should a Certification Test Set be calibrated? Once a year
(Certification Test Set) Which is better; PASS or *PASS? PASS
(Certification Test Set) What does a *PASS indicate? One or more test perimeters are marginal and should improved to get a solid PASS
Improper termination may result in what? A. High Insertion Loss B. Excessive NEXT C. Excessive Return Loss D. All of the above D. All of the above
Tightly cinched cable ties may result in what? A. Excessive AXT B. Excessive NEXT C. Both A and B C. Both A and B
Broken pairs ; Split pairs ; Cable stretched during installation ; can all result in what? balance issues as a result of incorrect capacitance.
What are the two types of noise that need to be addressed in a cabling system? Impulse noise and Continuous noise
Impulse noise can be as high as 350V. What are some things that can cause Impulse noise? Any device that has high power draw between start-up and shutdown. Examples are: Electric motors, copier, laser printer, elevator.
Continuous noise is usually below 3V. What are some things that can cause continuous noise? Anything that creates an electromagnetic field and is in close proximity to the cable. Examples are: florescent light, PC's, ac cables.
Created by: smorita
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