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Chapter 3

What are the two types of Backbone cabling? Interbuilding (2 more buildings) & Intrabuilding (single building)
What is the first level Backbone? Cabling installed between the MC and IC
What is the Second level Backbone? Cabling installed between the IC and HC
Does the orientation of the installed cable have any bearing on its classification? No
(T/F) All connections between the HC and the Backbone are to be cross-connections. T
A user has plugged a 10m patch cord into a MUTOA. He complains about poor performance. What could be the cause. A. Use of a 8p8c connector B. 10m exceeds recommend length of patch cord C. Channel exceeds 100m D. B and C only D. B and C only
BICSI recommends 2 runs of cable to each work station. Can one be a Cat6 and the other be coaxial series 6 since this type of coax is shielded? No. The 2nd pair shall be 4 pair 100ohm balanced twisted pair or fiber.
(T/F) Consolidation points are readily accessible for changes and patch cords are used to make cross connects. F
What is on the MUTOA to help ensure performance standards? The maximum length a user should use for their work area cables.
What are the color codes for 1st and 2nd level backbone? White and Grey respectively.
Color code Orange? Demarc
Service entry pathways ; Primary Surge Protection ; 2 walls of fire rated plywood are all found in where? EF Entrance Facility
What type of conduit is used for Arial entry? RMC Rigid MC
Cross connections of backbone and horizontal cable ; Common control equipment ; General considered to serve the entire building. ER Equipment Room
Color Code for horizontal cable? Blue
House The HC ; May have a IC ; provides a controlled environment for telecommunication equipment. TR Telecommunication Room
(T/F) A TE is allowed to replace a TR. F
How far must the door to a TE be able to open? 90 degrees
What is the max area a TE should serve? 335m square (3600ft square)
Which of the following are sources of EMI? A. Electric motor B. Transformers C. Electric power cable D. All of the above D. All of the above
How far away should your open pathway be from unshielded power lines exceeding 5k volts-amperes? a grounded metal pathway? 24in / 12in
How far away should your open pathway be from Neon Lamps? 6in
Can an ER serve as an EF into a building? Yes
This area has a Blue HC cross connect, Grey 2nd lvl backbone cross connect, and servers a single floor. TR
How much work aisle space should be in a TR? 1m
The paint on a plywood back board is designed to do what? Be endothermic / absorb heat
How would you install toggle bolts into a plywood? 2" from edge and 24" on center / avoid studs.
What two things is recommended to be installed on every wall of a TR? Back boards and Ladder racks
Conduit bends greater then 2"? 2" or less? 10x the trade size / 6x the trade size
What are the dimensions of an average equipment rack? 7ft with mounting holes from 19 to 23 inches wide and 4 to 6 inches deep
Which of the following is a popular thread hole size for equipment racks A. M5 and M6 B. 10-32 C. 12-24 D. All of the above D. All of the above
When is a horizontal cable management not required? When using an angled patch panel
Why should you not use FMT? Creeps, Shifts, Cause sheath damage.
What is EMT Electric Metallic Tubing
What are the two types of EMT couplings? Compression and Setscrew
Place RMC, IMC, and EMT in order of thickest to thinnest. They already are.
(T/F)100ft of 10ft conduits will take 10 pieces. F the pieces are just shy of 10ft
Allow no more then ___ " of conduit and bushings to extend into a TR or ER. 2
What type of cutter should you not use on an EMT? Roll Type. Leaves sharp edges.
You have conduit with 3 90 degree bends before a pullbox and 3 90 degree bends after it. The first 90 is >12" from the feed point and last section is >10m long. Is this acceptable? Yes. A third bend is acceptable to those two conditions.
Why are conduits of 1.25 inches not used for a stub-ups or stub-outs? 1.25" are not knock outs sizes in a receptacle.
When should you consider using innerducts? When running fiber
What tells us that a conduit should have a 40% fill ratio? NEC
Ladder rack width sizes range between? 6" and 1m
What are two ways to mount ladder racks? Threaded rod and wall brackets
Rod stock cable trays come in what depths? 2, 4, and 6 inches
Where should the mounting points be for a ladder rack? 2' from each end and every 5' thereafter
Open-top cable supports (j-hooks) support a max of how many cables? 50
What does the TIA 568C.1 cover Commercial Buildings
Color Code Purple? Common Equipment
Color Code Brown? Interbuilding Backbone
Color Code Yellow? Miscellaneous
What is the difference between a stub-out and a stub-up? A Stub-up will end after it penetrates wall cap. A Stub-out will continue from the wall cap penetration to an adjacent hall or typically ends at a cable tray or ladder rack.
Created by: smorita
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