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Chapter 2

Emergency Rescue Remember: Sr.NoSec who ABC'd the phone call Sr. - Survey the Area No - Notify Someone Sec - Secure the Area ABC - Victims ABC's Phone - Call 911 "C"all - "C"omplete 2nd survey of the injured
What are the ABC's of an injured person? Airway Breathing Circulation
How far (%) should the base of the ladder be from the supporting wall? 25% of the supported height
(T/F) Always use every available rung on the ladder to reach your desired height. F - Never use the last two rungs
What is the belt buckle rule? Never over reach. Keep belt buckle within the side rails
How far above a catwalk should a ladder extend? 1m (3.3ft)
What are the two types of common personal lifts? Boom and Scissors
When operating a lift, what is the minimum distance you should be from energized electrical conductors operating at 300 - 50k volts? 3m (10ft)
You have operated a lift to your desired working height. You find that you are a few feet from where you really need to be. Driving the lift over a few feet to reach should be fine; right? Wrong; never move a lift that is extended.
(T/F) Never tie off your body harness to the lift or an adjacent structure. T
What is PPE Personal Protective Equipment
(T/F) Using a dusk mask is fine for areas containing chemicals only if that is the only breathing protection you have. F - Always use the proper breathing protection for the work area hazard.
You are asked to pick up a box from the warehouse. The label on the box says "load 27Kilos" (60lbs) you decide to strap on your lifting belt for extra strength to handle the load. What two things are wrong here? 1 - The weight in over the recommended 25kilos (50lbs). 2 - A lifting belt does not provide you extra strength.
What is PFAS Personal Fall Arrest System
What type of snap hook should your PFAS have? self-closing / double-action
You are leaving an open lift to step onto a catwalk. How many connections must you make with your lanyards? As many as you want as long you follow the rule of "Always having one lanyard attached to a safety support"
Should you use a PFAS in a bucket of a boom lift? Yes - The bucket can tilt and therefor is not consider a proper enclosed safety barrier
What happens if you are shocked by current of 100mA? You suffer ventricular fibrillation and you die.
What is an easy way to defuse electrostatic build up? Use a static grounding wrist strap or better known as a ESD strap
What is RACE? Rescue Alarm Confine Extinguish
Beside the obvious height hazards with crawl spaces. What are two things that you should be concerned about? The support structure and the air in the space. Be sure your weight can be supported and contact a building manager for environmental concerns.
Can a crawl space be consider a confined area? Yes
What is the range for safe levels of oxygen? Coincidentally its the same as a equipment rack size in inches 19 to 23%
What is OSHA? Occupational Safety and Health Administration
What is MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
(T/F) Some chemicals in the work area can range from toxic to explosive and cause a verity of effects from nausea to death. T
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