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The movement of stabilized pts from forward med locations to another prearr. dest. is? Aeromedical Evacuation (AE)
What kind of change to casualty survival rates occur when (AE) is available Significantly increase with AE
What is the ratio of C-17s used ofr Expeditionary Med Support (EMEDS) vs. 25 bed air trans hosp (ATH) 1.7:3
The (EMEDS) components are broken down into which 3 increments EMEDS Basic, +10, +25
Which (EMEDS) increment has no inpatient beds EMEDS Basic
Which (EMEDS) increment is capable of performing 10 major surgeries in 24 hrs EMEDS Basic
Who is qualified to perform a critical incident stress debriefing Mental Health personnel and Aerospace Med Spec with additional training
Unit type code (UTC) FFEP1, the Expanded Critical Care team, will be operational w/in how many hrs upon arrival to the deployed location 12 hours
(EMEDS)Basic requires both routine (AE) support and urgent AE support w/in how many hours 24 hrs for routine AE support, and 12 hrs for urgent AE support
What capabilities is the unit type code FFMFS, Medical Mobile Field Surgical team,responsible for providing Provides primary disaster medical capability for EMEDS
How many personnel are assigned to the (EMEDS)+10 increment 56 personnel
How many tents make up the EMEDS +10 increment 6
How many critical care pts can be cared for by the EMEDS +10 increments 3
What combinations of teams make up the EMEDS +25 increment EMEDS Basic, EMEDS +10, UTC FFEP4/5, and FFEE3
What is the total number of personnel assigned to the EMEDS +25 86
EMEDS +25 provides primary care support for how many deployed personnel 3000-5000
How many major surgeries are the EMEDS+25 teams able to perform in 72 hrs 20
Which EMEDS increment provides advanced surgical and trauma support EMEDS+ 25
What function does the unit type code FFEPS, EMEDS Surgical Augmentation team provide 24 hr surgical capability
The Medical Mental Health Augmentation team, (UTC) FFGKU, deploys in conjuction with UTC FFGKV-Medical Mental Health Rapid Response team
Air Reserve Command has a total of how many personnel assigned 67,000
Air Reserve Command has how many unit assigned aircraft 400
How many individual mobilization augmentees (IMA) are assigned to the Air Reserve 7,000
How many Air Force Reserve units are located in the US 600
Aerospace Medical Service Superintendent, 4N091, is eligible to fill what position Group Superintendent and functional manager
The Air Force career field manager (AFCFM) has what skill level 4N000
What percentage of Senior Master Sergeants makes up the enlisted ranks 2 percent
What conference can you attend where you will have to input to the career field education and training plan (CFETP) Utilization and Training workshop
The AF career field manager (AFCFM) utilizies what survey to determine jobs currently being performed by the career field Occupational Survey Report and Job Inventory Survey
Who develops and maintains currency of the career field education and training plan (CFETP) Career field manager
When taking over as the custodian for a new supply acct, what is the first task to be accomplished Ensure you and the current (losing) custodian perform a thorough inventory
When do you submit an AF Form 601, Equipment Action Request, for a piece of equip that needs replacing When the need for new equipment is id'
When transferring equipment, who is required to initiate the AF Form 601, Equipment Action Request, transfer request The losing custodian
When requesting repairs on equipment, a work order is submitted listing the malfunction to the Biomed Equip Repair Office
Which equip management list indicates each specific item the custodian has signed to accept responsibility The custody receipt/locator list
How many days does it normally take for an equip turn-in or transfer to be processed 5 days
One man-hour is equivalent to one person working at a normal pace for 60 min
The description of the workload, associated conditions, a grad and skill level table, approved variances, and a processes analysis summary in the def. of a manpower standard
Info found in this document provides a clear picture of the manning positions within a med treatment facility Unit mnapower document
What is the numeric code that id's a particular task that may include an alpha prefix or suffix Air Force specialty code (AFSC)
What annotates special experience and training, not otherwise reflected in the classification system Special Experience Identifier (SIE)
Each position in the unit manning document (UMD) is displayed over fiscal quarters. When does the fiscal year start and end Oct thru 30 Sept.
Who authorizes a change to manpower requests Resource management office
When considering the time management process, what is the first element you should take into acct Planning
What is the most efficient time management tool utiilized Categorizing priorities
When reviewing and approving staff schedules, with whom does the responsibility of reviewing and approving staff schedule lie NCOIC/ nursing manager
When developing a schedule, which publication would you reference to ensure you are following policy AFI 36-3003
Which would not be referenced in a local unit operating instructions (OI) Off duty education
When considering adequate staffing coverage, what must you know patient census
When scheduling duties, how many hours between shifts should you allow 12
The conventional schedule is the easiest to develop because it allows everyone to work 8 hr days
Why are position descriptions and performance standards in place To protect staff from being asked to so things they are not qualified to do
When you want to document the quality or quantity of a task, where would you write it Performance standard
When developing performance standards, what must you do first State job duties clearly
Performance can be broken down into what two types of criteria Qualitative and Quantitative
When performance can be evaluated by how much, how fast, or how often, what performance criterion do you use Quantitative
What document contains complete information regarding education and training requirements for an AFSC CFETP Career field education and training plan
When upgrading to a 7 skill level, what is the min time needed in training 12 months
When referring to tasks applicable to the members duty section, which document would you need MTL Master task list
When new personnel arriving to your duty section, which document would you initiate to maintain all training requirement Six-part folder
When there are approved changes to the CFETP, who is the approval authority USAF Surgeon General
When looking for specific tasks that are performed in a duty section, where would you look Master Training List
The entire CFETP is constructed during the Utilization and training workshop
Re-engineering primary care services known primary car optimization (PCO) and the need to recapture patient care from the private sector are being accomplished through Population Health Management
When enrolling in TRICARE Prime, what important decision is made Who your primary care manager (PCM) will be to care for your family
What tool is used to assist primary care manager (PCM) in managing care for their enrolled population Health Evaluation Assessment Review
To assess, monitor and encourage the demand for needed prevention services in the community are the goals for what kind of population health management demand management
The demand management concept is based on what foundation Teaching pts about prevention
When properly executed, condition management can provide Continuity in provider practices
What classifies health care financing for the poor Medicaid
Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) gained federal support for corporate practice in 1973
What is one of the goals upon which the TRICARE program was founded Improve beneficiary access to care
With which HMO does Reg 2, the Mid-Atlantic area of the US, have a contract to manage the TRICARE Humana
Which of the TRICARE options is a fee-for service TRICARE Standard
TRICARE for Life was made available 1 OCT 01
A 4 year old pt presents to the ER with Pain to her extremities. She c/o pain worse at night? Which type of neuropathy does she have Peripheral
A pt just experienced a hypoglycemic episode. Which neuropathy affects the body system that restores blood glucose levels to normal Autonomic
Why do you suction a tracheostomy tube Remove secretions from the lower resp air passage
When you convert the units 0.001 grams, it would equal to one milligram
When reviewing a med order, the dosage ordered by the provider is different than the dosage of the meds supplied, what is the first thing you need to do Perform conversion
When you gather supplies to approximate a wound, what can be used in place of sutures or staples Skin closure strips
When you have a pt who is apprehensive about needles and injections, which local anesthetic would you choose to ease the pain Topical anesthetic
When calling housekeeping to clean a room, which task must the Aerospace Med Service craftsman still perform Empty Sharps containers
A Pt checks into your clinic for same day surgery, what can you do to improve your customer service skills and make the pt feel at ease Build rapport and make a good first impression
You notice a pt looking lost at the main entrance. You approack and ask if he needs assistance. the pt proceeds to complain what is the immediate resolution Lowest level
Why do you let the provide know if a QRS complex is wider than 3 blocks Because of a possible heart attack
Why do you need to know if your pt is dehydrated or on drugs prior to performing an ECG It could influence the QT interval
When you attempt to revive a pt, prior to administering any electricity to the heart, what must you do Take the pt pulse
When there is no electrical activity in the heart the individual is in what arrythmia Asystole
When you id a member with a disability or medical condition, what is the first step of the evaluation process Medical Evaluation Board (MEB)
Why do you think medical standards and disqualifying medical conditions are more stringent for flyers Because they are a significant operational necessity of their mission
When a MEB has determined the individual is "fit" for duty, who is resp to review the case to determine the need of an assigned limitation code HQ AFOC/DPAMM
Which condition would a member be most likely to have an assignment limitation code C Obstructive sleep apnea
When you are conduction medical reviews, which circumstance would require follow up Incomplete PHA
When would you instruct aircrew to wear soft contact lens (SCL) Only during waking hours
When you have pts that are new to soft contact lens (SCL) wearers, how often are the follow ups one week, one month, six months, and yearly
Who is the one-scene commander for an accident on base Fire chief
Once triage in complete, communicate pt transportation through the Medical Control Center
Where would you send specimens being processed from aircrew fatalities Air Force Institute of Pathology (AFIP)
Why would you choose the freezing method for preserving tissue It does not interfere with lab anaylsis
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