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Sarah 3

Medical Words - AMSPAR 04/05

Proprietary Brand Or Trade Name
Generic Official Name Of Drug
Osteoarthritis Inflammation of Joints/Disease Of Ageing
Hypersensitivity Over Sensitive
Peptic Pertaining To The Peptic Ulcers
Hepatic Pertiaing To The Liver
Trimester Third Stage Of Pregnancy
Lactation Milk Producing
Polyps Fleshy Growth
Urticaria Nettle Rash
Paediatric Specialist In The Study Of Children & Their Diseases
Abscess Collection Of Pus In A Cavity
Embolus A Travelling Detached Particle Blood Clot, Fat or Air
Prostatitis Inflammation Of The Prostate Gland
Pneumonectomy Surgical Removal Of The Lung
Thoracocentesis Drawing Off Fluid From The Chest Cavity
Atherosclerosis Condition Of Narrowing & Hardening Of The Arteries
Idiopathic Peculiar To The Individual
Nystagmus Involuntary Rapid Movement Of The Eyeball
Otitis Media Inflammation Of The Middle Ear
Hystero-salpingogram X-Ray Of The Uterus and Fallopian Tube
Dialysis Removal Of Waste From The Body By Artificial Means
Thrombocytopenia A Decrease In the Platelets In The Blood
Dysplasia Abnormal Formation
Atrophy Wasting Of An Organ
Hypertrophy Enlargement Of An Organ WIth Its Own Tissue
Pyogenic Pus Producing
Parturition Giving Birth
Diuretic A Drug Used To Increase The Production Of Urine
Stridor Noise Heard When Breathing
Ischaemia Lack Of Blood To A Part
Intranvenous Urogram X-Ray Of The Bladder Using Opaque Dye
Diplopia Double Vision
Ataxia Unco-ordinated Balance
Neurological Pertainign To The Nerves
Paraesthesia Numbness/Absence Of Feeling
Exacerbations To Make Worse
Incontinence Inability To Control Bladder
Eneuresis Bed Wetting
Tachcardia Fast Heart beat
Urethral Pertaining To The Urethra
Prostate A Gland Found In Men Which Surrounds the Cas Deferens & Urethra
Benign Non-Cancerous
Hypertrophy Enlargement Of An Organ with Its Own Tissue
Retention Retaining Fluid
Pelvis Large Bone Forming A Circle Around The Lower Body
Screening Testing
Testes Male Reproductive Organ
Dysphasia Difficulty Speaking
Metropia Short Sightedness
Dysplasia Abnormal development Of Tissue
Cellulitis Widespread Inflammation Of The Subcutabeous Layer Of SKin
Carpals Hand Bones
Tarsals Foot Bones
Caesarean Section Delivery Of Fetus through Abdominal Incision
Supporation Pus Formation
Meleana Black Tarry Stools
Steatorrhoea Fatty Stools
Polydipsia Excessive Thirst
Oesophagitits Inflammation Of The Food Pipe
Vagotomy Incision Into The Vegas Nerve
Gastrojeujonostomy Incision Into the stomach & Jejunum
Hemicolectomy Incision Into Half The Colon
Cystitis Inflammation Of The Bladder
Diagnosis Make a Diagnosis By Considering The Signs & Symptoms
Binocluar Pertaining To The Eyes
Chronic Slow On Progress
Fibrosis Formation Of Scar Tissue
Mennorhagia Excessive Menstrual Flow
Menarche When Menstrual Cysle Commence
haemostatic An Agent Thats Stops Bleeding
Incontinence Inability To Control The Passing Of Urine Or Faeces
Prtrusion Swelling
Haemoptysis Coughing Up Blood
Pyrogenic Heat Producing
Coryza Common Cold
Fibroma Tumour Of Fibrous Tissue (Scar Tissue)
Epithelioma Tumour Of The Epithelial Tissue (Lining/Covering Of Organs)
Embolism Obstruction Of A Vessel By A Detached Travelling Partice of Blood, Fat Or Air
Contusion Bleeding Beneath The Skin
Chondrosarcoma Malignant Tumour Of Cartilage & Bone
Carcinoma cancerous Cells Growing In The Body
Chondroma Benign Yumour Of Cartilage
Oncology Study Of Tumours
Ischaemia Lack Of Blood To A Part
Infarct A Wedge Shaped Area Of Tissue Deprived Of Blood Supply
Carbuncle Boil Caused By A Skin Infection
Contagious Transmitted By Direct Contact With A Person
Endemic Disease Always Present In An Area
Epidemic Disease Attacking A Large No Of People At One Time In One Area
Exudation Oozing Of Fluid In & Out Of The Capillaries (Blood Vessells)
Fibrosis Excessive Formation Of Scar Tissue
Fomites Obhects Contaminated With Disease
Fulminating Sudden Infection Which Is Rapid In Its Course
Gangrene Death Of A Piece Of Body Tissue
Granulation Healing Of A Wound Where Tissues Renew From The Surface
Morbilli Measels
Necrosis Death Of Tissue
Pandemic WorldWide Disease Affecting A LArge No Of People At Any One Time In One Place
Pertussis Whooping Cough
Phagocytosis Process By Which Phagocytes Overcome Bacteria
Pus Yellowish Liquid Composed of Bacteria
Putrefaction Breaking Down Of Tissue By Bacteria & Odours
Pyaemia Pus In The Blood Stream
Septiceamia Bacteria In The Blood Stream
Sporadic Disease Occuring In Isolated Cases
Varicella Chicken Pox
Atrophy Wastage Of An Organ
Cytology Study Of Cells
Histology Study Of Tissues
Hypertrophy Enlargement Of An Organ With Its OWn Tissue
Infarct A Wedge Area Of Tissue Deprived Of Its Blood Supply
Ischaemia Lack Of Blood To A Part
Oncology Study Of Tumours
Benign Non Cancerous
Carcinoma Cancerous Tumour
Chondroma Beningn Tumour Of Cartilage
Chondrosarcoma Tumour Of Cartilage & Bone
Contusion Bleeding Beneath The Skin
Embolism Obstruction Of A Blood Vessel By Travelling Particle of Blood, Fat Or Air
Embolus Travelling Blood Clot
Epithelioma Tumour Of Epithelial Tissue
Fibroma Tumour Of Fibroids Tissue
Haematoma Swelling Containing Blood
Hilium Depression Of An Organ Where Blood Enters & Leaves
Leocopenia Lack Of White Blood Cells In The Blood
Haemothorax Blood In The Plueral Cavity (Around the lungs)
Endsocopy Internal Examintaion With A Lighted Instrument
Diplopia Double Vision
Coronary Artery Disease Disease Of The Heart
Orchitis Inflammation Of The Testes
Hameangioma Port Wine Birth Mark
Stomatitis Inflammation Of The Mouth
Anastomosis Surgical Joining Of Hollow Organs
Lithrotripsy Crushing Of Stones
Arthroscopy Examination With A Lighted Instrument Of the Joints
Peridontal Around The Tooth
Abscess Formation Of Pus In A Cavity
Necrosis Death Of A Tissue
Ischaemia LackOf Blood To A Part
Biopsy Removal Of Living Tissue For Microscopic Examination
Ascites Excessive Fluid In The Peritoneal Cavity
Nephrolith Kidney Stones
Artherosclerosis Narrowing Of An Artery
Oedema Excessive Fluid In The Tissues
Diuretics A Drug Which Stimulates The Kidneys To Produce More Urine
Myleogram X-Ray Of The Spinal Cord
Dysplasia Abnormal Cell Formation
Rhinoplasty surgical Reconstruction Of The Nose
Anaemia Lack Of Red Blood Cells/Oxygen In The Blood
Antibody Protein Produced To Overcome Infection
Anticoagulant Medicine That Prevents Haemorrhaging
Haematoma Blood Swelling
Haematology Study Of Blood Diseases
Haematologist Specialist In Blood Diseases
Haemoglobin Red Pigment In Blood Cells
Haemolysis Breakign Down Of Red Blood Cells
Created by: bellotsa
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