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Stack #161391

surgical tech chap 2

patients bill of rights explains to the patient, their rights and responibilities, and what she should expect from the stay at the hospital
risk managment prevention and control of potential liability, developed by the hospital. to enhance safteyand reduce finicial loss.
affidvit voluntary statement of facts sworn to be true before an authority
liability an obligation to do or not do something
malpractice prfessional misconduct that results in harm to another
aeger primo the patient first, motto of AST
primum non nocere above all, do no harm
res ipsa loquitur the thing speaks for itself
intentional tort assault; hold up bat, battery; hit you with the bat, defamation; harm reputation, false imprissionment; do not let go, invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress
time out correct patient, correct side/site, correct procedure
express consent direct, verbal or written consent to treatment
implied consent if i faint at the doctors, they would treat me cause its assumed since im at the hospital that i need some kinda help
documentation placing info in patients records
advance directive written statement, saying should i become ill pull the plug in two weeks
ethics respect others views, you cant chose the types of surgery you only agree with, exposed to things that you are uncomfortable with
scope of practice things that fall into my proffessional practice, based on my education and experience
CAAHEP makes sure that the educational program meets standards and guildlines
NBSTA get your certificate
moral principles to be trustworthy and honest
bioethics focuses on the health care provider's duty to a patient. example, what is the right treatment? organ transplant? technologies?
formalism an act not judged by its consequences
ultiltarianism to not tell the patient the truth for his own good, psych patient.
safe medical device users should report any medical device that may have cause the death or injury to someone
Created by: karen02