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A&P1-15 Male Reprodu

Ch 15: Male Reproductive System

Blood-testis barrier (BTB) Barrier formed by sustentacular cells to isolate spermatocytes from the immune system in the male
Climacteric A period of life for men and women, usually beginning about age 50, in which reproductive hormone levels change. This period is typically called andropause in males and menopause in females
Crossing-over An event in meiosis in which chromatids break and exchange parts
Cryptorchidism A condition in which a male infant is born with undescended testis
Ejaculation The discharge of semen
Emission A stage in the male sexual response in which sperm are moved by peristaltic contractions through the ductus deferens to its ampulla and the prostate and seminal vesicles add their secretions to semen
Erection A stage in the male sexual response in which the erectile tissues of the penis become engorged with blood, causing the penis to become enlarged, rigid, and erect
Gamete A sex cell (a sperm or egg)
Infertility The inability to fertilize and egg
Meiosis Type of cell division that produces cells with half the normal number of chromosomes. (a two-division process, used to create sperm and eggs, that starts with a parent cell of 46 chromosomes (23 pairs)
Pampiniform plexus A network of small veins surrounds the testicular artery
Puberty The first few years of adolescence that begins with the production of FSH & LH
Resolution A stage in the male sexual response in which the penis decreases in size and become flaccid again
Secondary sex characteristics Gender-specific characteristics developed at puberty due to estrogen in females and testosterone in males. (refer to ch 8, pg. 303, table 8.1 for females and more info)
Semen A fluid that is ejaculated from the penis during orgasm.
Smegma A waxy substance produced by the sebaceous glands of the male prepuce
Spermatic cord A composite of several structures, which include the cremaster muscle, pampiniform plexus, testicular artery, and ductus deferens
Spermatogenesis The first process in sperm productions; produces spermatids (each with 23 chromosomes) from a specialized stem cell (germ cell) with 46 chromosomes
Spermiogenesis The second process in sperm production; transforms spermatids to functional sperm
Zygote A fertilized egg
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