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Cell Organelles

Organelles, Cytoplasm, & the nucleus

Fragile outer boundry of cellSeperates intracellular fluid & extracellular fluid-Selectively permeable Barrier Plasma Membrane
Intracellular fluid that contains OrganellesCytosolInclusions Cytoplasm
* Provide most of ATP energy* Contains own DNA & RNA Mitochondria
* Protein Synthesis* Free and Membrane Bound Ribosomes
* Fluid Filled tubular channels* Manufactures all secreted proteins* External surface studded with ribosomes* Synthesis of integral membrane proteins & phospholipids for cell membranes Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
* Continuous with nuclear membrane* no ribosomes* less prominent* Lipid & cholesterol synthesis & metabolism* Detoxification of drugs Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
* Shipping Department or Traffic Director for cellular proteins* Functions in modification, concentration & packaging proteins* Secretory - gathers & moves out of cell Golgi Apparatus
" Garbage truck of cell"* Contains digestive enzymes for breakdown of - Glycogen & releases thyroid hormone Lyosomes
* Contains enzymes * Neutralizes dangerous free radicals * Detoxify harmful or toxic substances* Oxidases & Catalases Peroxisomes
* Cell Skeleton* Contain microfilaments & microtubules Cytoskeleton
* Organize the mitotic spindle during mitosis* Form bases of cilia & flagella* In centrisome at right angles to each other Centrioles
* Whiplike, cellular extensions on exposed membranes of certain cells* Propels substances accross cell surface* In lungs Cilia
* Longer projections that propel the cell* Sperm the only example Flagella
* "Control Center"* Transmits genetic info (DNA)* Transmits protein systhesis instruction* All but mature red blood cells have Nucleus
* Double and selectively permeable * Seperates neucleoplasm from cytoplasm Nuclear Envelope
* Site of ribosome production* Contains protein * no membranes in above bodies Nucleoli
* Structures in the nucleus that carry the hereditary factors (genes)* Contain nucleosomes - genes Chromatin
Created by: lkoithahn