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HLTH ch.16

Integumentary system

kerato horney or cornea
pilo hair
tricho hair
onycho nail
unguo nail
corium dermis, composed of collagen and elastic fibers
ectoderm forms during embryonic development
sudoriferous gland sweat gland
A sweat test is specifically performed to diagnose? cystic fibrosis
induration hardening of a tissue
discoid lupus erythematosis chronic systemic disease characterized by lesions that are covered with scales "REDDISH FACIAL RASH"
erythema redness of inflammation of skin. "SUN BURN"
ichthyosis dry and scaly, resembling "FISH SKIN''
pediculosis infestation by human lice, "PEDICULUS"
rhytido wrinkle
xero dry
-phoresis transmission
ichthyo fish
verruca benign watery skin lesion (wart) with a rough surface caused by a contagious virus
herpes zoster caused by reactivation of dormant chickenpox, painful blisters "SHINGLES"
herpes simplex virus type 1 classic fever blisters
herpes simplex virus type 2 genital herpes
furuncle boil, localized suppurative infection that begins with infection of a hair follicle.
suppuration production of pus
dermatomycosis or myco/derat/itis superficial fungal infection "Ringworm or Tinea"
scabies contagious dermatitis caused by itch mite
seborrhea excess production of sebum
cyst filled with fluid or semisolid material
nodule solid and more than 1 cm wide and deep
macule nonraised, small dark spot "FRECKLE"
papule solid raised lesion that is less than 1 cm in diameter "MOLE"
plaque flat, dry, raised patch "DANDRUFF"
vesicle small blisters containing clear fluid
bullae blisters greater than 1 cm filled with clear fluid
pustules small circumcised elevation of the skin containing purulent fluid
wheals transient elevated and irregularly shaped lesions caused by allergic skin eruption "URTICARIA"
fissures linear cracks in the skin, such as the lesions of athletes foot
scales dried fragments of sloughed epidermis, "PSORIASIS"
ulcers deep, irregular erosions that extend into the dermis
atrophy thinning of the skin with loss of skin markings
excoriation scratch
petechiae tiny purple or red spots on skin caused by tiny hemorrhages within the dermal or submucosal layers
ecchymosis hemorrhagic spot larger than a petechia; non elevated blue or purplish patch
kerat/oma callus, flat poorly defined mass
sebo/rrhe/ic keratosis consequence of aging; benign lesion that occurs anywhere on the body of older people
actinic keratosis premalignant lesion; common in people with chronically sun damaged skin
karposi sarcoma lesions are small, purplish brown papule s that spread throughout the skin, lymph nodes and internal organs
decubitus ulcers bedsores or pressure ulcer. Sores occur from mechanical trauma and lack of adequate blood circulation
contusion caused by a blow to the body; results in subcutaneous bleeding. AKA bruise
laceration torn, jagged wound
rule of nines formula for estimating the percentage of adult body surface covered by burns. Lund-Browder system is a more complicated system
cellulitis localized bacterial invasion of subcutaneous tissue
onychosis atrophy or other unhealthy condition of the nails
trichosis abnormal growth or development of hair
dia/phoresis excessive sweating
thermo/plegia heat stroke
dehiscence rupture of a wound closure or separation of a surgical incision
allograft between two genetically different individuals of the same species
negative pressure wound therapy vacuum assisted closure VAC. Uses suction and controlled negative pressure vacuum to remove drainage and speed wound healing
debridement removal of foreign material and dead tissue
escharotomy incision of constricting necrotic tissue resulting from severe burn, to relive pressure and restore blood flow
rhytidoplasty surgical repair of wrinkles; face lift
antipruritics agents that relieve or prevent itching
retinoids treats acne; increase sloughing of epithelial cells
transdermal drug delivery Skin patch, drug which is absorbed through skin and enters circulatory system
diathermy generating heat to increase circulation to an inflamed area
ultraviolet light therapy physical treatment in psoriasis.
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