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Purple Module

Purple Module terminology

(poor) vision (associated with) old age -opia presby presbyopia
abnormal condition of eye fungus -osis oculo myc oculomycosis
abnormal condition of fungus in the tympanic membrane -osis tympano myc tympanomycosis
abnormal condition of the retina -osis retin retinosis
act of measuring vision -metry opto optometry
different vision -opia heter heteropia
discharge of pus from the ear -rrhea oto pylo optpylorrhea
dimness of vision -opia ambly amblyopia
dark tumor -oma scot scotoma
disease of the choroid -pathy choroid/o choroidopathy
double vision -opia dipl diplopia
excess vision -opia hyper hyperopia
excision of the stapes -ectomy staped stapedectomy
fear of lights -phobia photo photophobia
forming an opening in the tympanic membrane -stomy tympano tympanostomy
gray tumor -oma glauc glaucoma
hearing (loss) associated with old age -acusis presby presbyacusis
herniation of the lens -cele phac/o phacocele
incision of the cornea -tomy corne/o chorneotomy
incision of the labyrinth -tomy labyrinth/o labyrinthotomy
incision of the lacrimal duct -tomy dacyr/o dacryotomy
instrument for measuring the pupil -metry pupill /o pupillometry
instrument to examine the pupil -scope pupill /o pupilloscope
instrument to examine the Eustachian tube -metry salping/o salpingometry
instrument to measure hearing -meter audi/o audiometer
not hearing an- acusia anacusia
paralysis of the ciliary body -plegia cycl/o cycloplegia
paralysis of the iris -plegia irid/o iridoplegia
pertaining to the conjunctiva -al conjunctive conjunctival
pertaining to the cornea -al corne/o corneal
pertaining to the eye/vision -al optic/o optical
pertaining to water -ous aque/o aqueous
process of recording the pupil -graphy pupill/o pupillography
prolapse of the eyelid -ptosis blephar/o blepharoptosis
removal of the vitreous body -ectomy vit/o vitrectomy
removal of the mastoid process -ectomy mastoid/o mastoidectomy
softening of the sclera -malacia scler/o scleramalacia
specialist in the study of the eyes -logist ophthalm/o ophthalmologist
tumor of the lacrimal duct -oma dacry/o dacryoma
turning inward -tropia eso- esotropia
turning outward -tropia exo- exotropia
visual examination of the angle -scopy goni/o gonioscopy
Created by: Barbara Ross