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Chapter 9

Gynecology, pregnant and childbirth medical terms

Amenorrhea Without menses (no period)
Amniocentesis Puncture of the amnion to remove fluid
Amnion Thin, transparent sac containing the fetus from injury and helps maintain an even temperature
Climacteric Change of life
Conception Fertilization; penetration of the ovum by the spermatozoon
Dysmenorrhea Painful menstruation
Embryo An organism in its early stage of development
Endometrium The inside lining of the uterus
Episiotomy Incision of the perineum, performed during labor to minimize trauma to perineum during delivery
Fetus A developing human from 3 months after conception to birth
Gestation Period from conception to childbirth
Gynecomastia A woman's breast
Gynoplasty Plastic surgery of the female reproductive surgery
Hysterocele Uterine hernia
Hysteromyoma Muscle tumor of the uterus
Hysterorrhexis Ruptured uterus
Involution The process that returns enlarged uterus to its normal size
Labor The act of childbirth
Mammalgia Painful breast
Mammary Breast
Mammopexy Surgical fixation of pendulous breasts
Mastodynia Painful breast
Mastoncus Any tumor of the breast
Mastopathy Disease of the mammary gland
Mastoptosis Pendulous breasts (sagging, dropping)
Menometrorrhagia Excessive bleeding (hemorrhage) from the uterus during menstruation
Menopause Permanent cessation of menses
Menorrhagia Heavy or prolonged menstruation
Menses Menstruation
Menstruation Function of discharging the menses
Metratrophy Uterine tissue atrophy(wasting away of uterine tissue)
Metrorrhagia Uterine hemorrhage
Multipara Woman who has given birth 2 or more times
Myometritis Inflammation of the muscle layer of the uterus
Neonatal Recent period around childhood
Nullipara Women who has never given birth
Oligohydramnios Scanty amount of amniotic fluid in the sac
Ovum Female egg cell
Parturition Process of giving birth
Perineum External female genitals between vaginal lips and anus
Peritoneum Tough membrane covering the viscera (organs) and lining the abdominal cavity
Placenta Structure made up of a network of blood vessels (arteries and veins)
Polyhydramnios Excessive amounts of amniotic fluid in the sac
Postpartum After labor is complete
Primigravida Woman who is pregnant for the first time
Pudenda External female genetals
Puerperal sepsis The presence of pathogenic organisms or bacteria that has entered the blood stream and cause serious infection
Puerperium Period of time following 3rd stage of labor when convolution takes place
Spermatozoon Male germ cell
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