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Chapter 7

Symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, communication qualifiers and statistics

Acute Sharp, severe; rapid onset, short not chronic
Anorexia Loss of appetite
Antipyretic Agent that works against fever
Asymptomatic Without symptoms
Atrophy Wasting away, underdeveloped
Bradypnea Slow breathing
Central Center of the body
Cheyne-Stokes respiration Alternating shallow and deep breathing
Chlorocyte Green(plant)cell
Chronic Long, drawn out illness
Cyanoderma Blue skin
Diagnosis Identification of an illness
Dyspnea Painful or difficult breathing
Edema An accumulation of fluid in the tissues
Emesis Products of vomiting
Erythremia Abnormal increase in red blood cells
Generalized Hematemesis Blood in the vomitus
Hyperpnea Very fast breathing
Hyperpyrexia Life-threatening high temperature
Leukocyte White blood cell
Localized malaise Ill in one part of the body
Melanocarcinoma Black pigmented malignant tumor
Morbidity Illness rate
Mortality Death rate
Nausea Sickness of stomach, desire to vomit
Palliative Relieving symptoms but not the disease
Paroxysmal Sudden periodical attack or recurrence of symptoms of disease, fit or convulsion
Peripheral Outside surface of body
pneometer Instrument for measuring breathing
Polyarthritis Inflammation of many joints
Prodromal Signs and symptoms occuring before sickness/disease (cough before a cold)
Prognosis Prediction of course/outcome of an illness
Prophylactic Treatment aimed at preventing disease
Pyretolysis Lowering of fever
Pyrexia Fever, increased body temperature
Respiration Breathing
Symptom Change in body functions or structure that the patient sees, hears, tastes, smells and feels
Symptomatic With symptoms
Syndrome Group of signs and symptoms occurring together
Systemic Pertaining to all body systems, or the whole body rather than one part
Tachypnea Fast breathing
Tinnitus Ringing in the ears
Vertigo Sensation of turning around in space or of objects moving
Vital Signs Temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure
Xanthopsia Yellow vision
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