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medical terminology


-ac -al -ar -ry -eal -ic -ose -ous tic pertaining to hemophiliac-pertaining to an individual- pertaining to the temporal lobe of the brain clavicular-pertaining to the clavicle senory- pertaining to the senses esophageal- pertaining to the esophahus gastic-pertaining to the stomach aidpose-relating t
-cyte cell osteocyte-bone cell
-e noun marker (indicates this form of the word is a noun) melonocyte-pigment-producing skin cell
-gram record electroencephalogram-record of brain activity
-graph instrument for recording electroencephalograph-instrument ofr recording brain activity of the heart
-graphy process of recording electroencephalograph-process of recording brain activity
-meter instrument for measuring arthrometer-instrument for measuring motion in a joint
-metry process of measuring arthrometry-process of measuring joint motion
-iatric treatment psychiatric-treatment of the psyche
-iatry -logy study of psychiatry-study of the psyche urology-study of urine
-logist one who specializes in the treatment or study of cardiologist-one who specializes in the treatment or study of the heart
-icle -ole -ula -ule small ventricle-small pouch or cavity, particularly within the heart or brain arteriole-small artery macula-small spot pustule-small lesion (pimple)with pus
-ium/-eum tissue or structure periosteum-structure surrounding bone
-ize -ate make; use; subject to
-or One who Medicator- one who gives medicine
-poiesis Formation Erythropoises- formation of red blood cells
-scope Instrument for examining Cystoscope- instrument for examining the bladder
-scopy Examination Cystoscopy- examination of the bladder
-stasis Stop or stand Hemostasis- stop bleeding
-algia -dynia Pain Myalgia- muscle pain Arthrodynia- pain in a joint
-cele Pouch, sac, or hernia Crystocele- hernia of the bladder
-emesis Vomit Anemia- condition if insufficient iron in the blood
-emia Condition of blood Vermiform- resembling vermin Oseteoid- resembling bone
-form -oid Like or resembling Pyogenic- production of pus Pathogenesis- origin of disease
-genic -genesis Beginning, origin, or production Lithiasis- formation of stone
-ia -ism Condition of Hemolysis- breaking down of blood
-iasis Formation of; presence of Psychosis- condition of the psyche
-itis Inflammation Leukocytopenia- abnormal reduction of white blood cells
-lysis Breaking down Macrophage- large cell that devours
-malacia Softening
-Megaly Enlargement
-Oma Tumor
-osis Condition;
-penia Abnormal reduction; lack of
-phage -phagia -phagy Eat; devour
-phile -philia Attraction for; love for
-phobia Fear of
-plasia Formation
-pnea Breathing
-ptosis Drooping; falling or downward displacement
-rrhage -rrhexis -rrhagic To burst forth
-rrhage Discharge of flow
-rrhexis Rupture or breaking
-spasm Involuntary contraction
-trophy Development
-y Condition of process of
-Centesis Puncture to remove fluid
-desis Binding
-ectomy Excision; surgical removal
-pexy Surgical suspension or fixation
-plasty Surgical repair or reconstruction
-rrhaphy Suture
-stomy Surgical creation of an artificial opening
-tomy Incision
-tripsy Crushing
-blast immature oseoblast-immature bone cell
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