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body systems

cardiovascular blood vessels & heart, waste out, o2 & nutrients in, body temp/electrolyte balance homeostatic state,regulates blood pressure
circulatory lymph & blood, pulmonary circ. coronary circ. systemic circ. maintain temp and fluids. lymph flows slowly to heart. RBC bring O2 & CO2. clotting-plasma proteins buffer blood to maintain pH.
digestive mouth throat esophagus stomach sm & lg intestine. break down food. nourish energize body, waste out thru colon. stores glucose, destroys old blood cells.
endocrine hypothalmus, pituitary, thyroid, pineal glands. hormones for blood mood sugar level, fluid retention,metabolism tissue function. body activities thru hormones.
excretory aorta,renal.Inferior vena cava, lungs skin ureter urethra,bladder.Kidneys filter all waste to bladder then void. all waste removed
immune WBC, tissues,protein. fights virus, infection bateria, certain disease. maintain balance or if WBC is off-no good
integumentary skin,covers framework, sweating maintains body temp, skin protects all systems, flexibility, sheds and regrows
lymphatic L-vessels, tissues, organs. L-duct, thoracic duct, spleen. resistance to disease, L=hormones, O2, nutrients, waste, back and forth from cells/tissues
muscular smooth, cardiac, skeletal, brain, heart. 650 in body. mobility stretching and contracting, voluntary or involuntary. shivering controls body T*
nervous central, brain & spinal cord. peripheral, somatic autonomic. regulates body T, breathing, BP.
respiratory nasal cavity, pharynx, mouth, epiglottis, trachea, larynx, bronchi, bronchial, tubes, alveoli,diaphragm, capillaries. O2 swapped w/ CO2=diffusion.regulate pH of blood.
reproductive genitals, ovaries. reproduction of life.
sensory sensory receptors,neural pathways,sight sound touch taste smell,environmental input process relays from/to the brain. identifies homeostatic changes.
skeletal integ outside, bones tendons ligaments cartilage. support,movement, protection.muscles attach here
urinary renal system, kidneys bladder ureter.maintain balance of chemicals, fluid balance affects BP.Regulates blood pH.
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