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PSR abbrieviations

a , an without, not
ab away from
ad toward
ambi both
ante- pre - pro- before
anti- contr- against
auto- self
bi- di- two
bio life
brady slow
circum around
peri sourounding
con- syn- sym- with or together
se- not;from;down
dia- trans- across or through
dis- apart;separate
dys- faulty;painful;difficult
e- ec- ex- out;away
ecto- exo- extra- outside
en- endo- intra- inside; within
epi- upon
eu normal good
hemi- semi- half
hyper- above or excessive or extreme
hypo- deficient below
infra sub under below
inter between
mal bad
meso middle
meta beyond;after;change
micro- small
mono- uni- one
neo- new
phacy- thick
pan- all
para- adnormal;alongside;beside
per- through
poly- multi- many
post- after
quadri- four
tetra- three
re- again or back
retro backward or behind
sub under, below
super above or excessive
supra- outside or beyond
tachy- fast
tri- three
ultra- beyond, excessive
-ac -al -ar -ry -eal -ic -ose -ous -tic pertaining to
-blast immature
-cyte cell
-e noun maker
-gram record
-graph instrument for recording
-graphy process of recording
-meter instrument for measuring
-iatric treatment
-iatry study of
-logist specialist
-icle -ole -ula -ule small
-ium -eum tissue or structure
-ize -ate make;use;subject to
-or one who
-poiesis formation
-scope instrument for examining
-scopy examination
-stasis stop or stand
-algia -dynia pain
-cele pouch sac or hernia
-emesis vomit
-emia condition of blood
-form -oid like or resembling
-genic -genesis beginning, orgin , or production
-ia -ism condition of
-iasis formation of; presence of
-itis inflamation
-lysis breaking down
-malacia softening
-oma tumor
-ois condition
-penia adnormal reduction; lack of
-phage -phagia -phagy eat; devour
-phile -philia attraction for;love for
-phobia fear of
-plasia formation
-pnea breathing
-ptosis drooping or falling
-rrhage -rrhagia -rrhagic to burst forth
-rrhea discharge or flow
-rrhexis rupture or breraking
-spasm involuntary contraction
-trophy development
-y condition or process of
-centesis puncture to remove fluid
-desis binding
-ectomy excision;surgical removal
-pexy surgical suspension
-plasty surgical repair or reconstruction
-rrhaphy suture
-stomy surgical creation of an artifical opening
-tomy inscision
-tripsy crushing
abdomin- abdomen
angi- vessel
bacteri- bacteria
bi- life
carcin- cancer
cardi- heart
cephal- head
cyst- sac or cyst containg fluid
cyt- cell
electr- electricity
enter- intestines
fibren- fiber
gnath- jaw
gynec- female ,women
hem- blood
hemat- blood
hepat- liver
irid- iris
kerat- keratin
lip- fat
mast- breast
necr- death
nephr- kidney
onc- tumor
path- disease
pelv- pelvic
radi- x-rays
ren- renal, the kidney
sarc- flesh
sial saliva
thromb clot
trache- trachea
uter- uterus
abdominal stomach,liver,gallbladder,spleen,pancreas, small and large intestines
cranial cavity brain
pelvic cavity ureters, urinary bladder, ureatra, female:uterus, oavaries, fallopian tubes, vagina male prosate gland, seminal vesicles, ejaculatory duct
spinal cavity spinal cord
thoracic cavity lungs esophagus trachea bronchial tubes thymus gland aorta heart
right hypochondriac upper right beneath ribs
left hypochondriac upper left beneath ribs
epigastric upper middle over the stomach
right lumbar right middle near the waist (in back)
left lumbar left middle near the waist (in back)
umbilical around the navel
hypogastric lower middle under the navel
right inguinal rigth side near the groin
RUQ right upper quadrant
RLQ right lower quadrant
LUQ left upper quadrant
LLQ left lower quadrant
cervical neck
thoracic chest
lumbar loin
sacral, sacrum lower back
coccgeal, coccyx tailbone
superior or cephalic toward the head the surface or the upper portion of the body
inferior or caudal toward the feet or the lower portion of the body
anterior or vental towaard the front of the body
posterior or dorsal toward the back
medial toward the middle or center of the body structure
lateral toward the side of the body or structure
proximal near the center of the body
distal away from the body
bilateral both sides of the body
unilateral pertaining to one side of the body
palmar pertaning to the palm
plantar pertaining
superficial near the surface
deep toward the interior
parietal lining of organ
visceral inner covering of the surface of an organ or body cavity
cyan blue
eryther red
leuk white
melan black
purpur purple
xanth yellow
ache a dull staedy pain
continuous a pain that does not start
discomfort a feeling of being uncomfortable
dull blunted;not sharp;not acute
intense sharp
intermittent not continous; starting and stopping
severe strong extreme
sharp a pain that has a stabbing quality
stabbing a pain that may be sharp in quality and starting and stopping
throbbing a dull steady pain with an intermittent bad pain periodically
barium contrast medium or dye
film thin sheet of cellulose coated with light sensitive chemicals used to to take photos or x-rays
gray international unit of measuement of ionizing radiation
radioactive emmiting radiation energy
radiogram image on x-ray film
radiostope radioactive form of an element
radiogram image on x-ray film
roentgen unit of exposure to radiation
transducer device for converting energy from one form to another
angiocardiography process of viewing the heart and blood vessles by injecting a radiopaque dye into circulating blood and exposing the chest to x-rays
angiography process of recording a vessel
bronchography process of viewing the bronchus
cholangiogram radiograph examination of the bile ducts
cholecytogram radiograph examination of the gall bladder
echogram examiniation of body structures using ultrasound imaging
echocardiogram exmination using ultrasound imaging
fluoroscopy examination of deep tissiue and deep structures using a flouoroscope
lymphangiograph radiograph of lymphatic vessles
myleograph radiograph of the spinal cord
pyleograph radiograph of the kidney and ureter
radiograph image produced by ionizing radiation and radiation sensitive film
radioimmunoassay measurement of anitigen-antibody interaction using radioactive substances
radiotherapy treatment of disease using radium
salpingograph radiograph of the fallopian tubes
sonogram image produced by sounds reflecting of of body structures
tomograph radiograph exam whereby the x-ray source is moved to view the layers or sclices of the body
ultrasonography` imaging technique that uses sound waves to study a poprtion of the body
anterioposterior from front to back
axial pertaining to around the axis
lateral decubitus lying on the side
posteroanterior from back to front
radiologist Dr. who reads xrays
radiopaque describing materials that can block x-rays
roentgenolgy alternate term for x-ray technology
scan back and forth
scintiscan image created by gamma radiation, indicating cocentration within the body
sonolucent permittng the passages of ultrasound waves
tagging attachment of radioactive material to a substance that can be traced as it moves through the body
therapeutic treatment of disease
uptake absorption of radioactive substance into tissue
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