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Vol. 1. Aircraft maintenance general subjects

list the personal characteristics that cause a person to perform an unsafe act or to overlook or tolerate an unsafe condition. Innatentiveness, excitability, stuborness, and impatience.
what should be accomplished after any maintenance action? the area should be policed and left in a clean and orderly condition.
failure to clean up drips and spills can cause what dangers? Slips and Falls.
List the principles of RM (Risk Management) Accept no unneccesary risk, Make risk decisions at the appropriate level, Intigrate RM into operations, activities, and planning at all levels, Apply the proccess cyclically and continuously.
What is considered to be the direct cause of many accidents? Unsafe acts and conditions.
What is defined as rough or boisterous play, but is a major cause of accidents? Horseplay.
What type of protective clothing do you wear while working around hot exhaust or tailpipes? long sleeve shirts and gloves.
What position do you assume to lift an object from a level lower than your waist? squat with a straight back and use your legs to exert force.
Why must supervisors be given formal training? These key individuals must have a working knowledge of the fundamentals of accident prevention if they are to carry out their assigned responsibilities of determining and eliminating hazards. Supervisors must have accident prevention "know how"...
Name the two most frequent methods used in job safety training. Personal interviews by the supervisor and five minute "stand up" talks.
When should you replace cracked or broken tools? Immediatley
What methods can you follow to prevent fires in the workplace? Don't allow oily rags to accumulate, obey "NO SMOKING" signs, never put matches/ciggarettes in wastebaskets, never allow clothing to become saturated with flammables, and store flammables in open containers.
What characteristics constitute a hazardous chemical? Combustable, unstable, irritant, explosive, water reactive, corrosive, flammable, and toxic.
What should you do if your clothes become splashed or sprayed with chemicals? Leave the area immediatley and remove them.
What information does the MSDS provide you? Phys. data of the chemicals that you work with. Information includes but is not limited to the melting point, boiling point, flash point, toxicity, health effects, first aid, storage and spill procedures.
what information must be included on hazardous waste labels? type of waste and "accumulation start" entries.
what must be considered to make a sealant effective? correct sealant and correct application.
Sealants are packaged and available in what general U/I's? Two part can kit, sem-kit cartridge, premixed, and frozen.
What TO's cover sealants, solvents, and adhesives? 42A3-1-2 General use of cements, sealants and coatings 1-1-691 Aircraft weapons system cleaning and control.
What is the sealant application life? The length of time a mixed sealing compund remains usable at 77 degree's F, and 50% relative humidity.
what is the purpose of solvents? To dissolve oily and greasy soils so they can be easily wiped away or absorbed on a cloth.
List three sources of antenna radiation. High frequency radio transmitters, radar, electrical countermeasure devices.
What are the effects of antenna radiation on the human body and vital organs? Burns underneath the skin, cataracs in the eyes, and damage to the internal organs due to heat from radiation exposure.
Briefly describe the hazards associated with an overheated brake assembly. Fire in magnesium wheels, tire blowout possible.
From what direction do you approach an aircraft with overheated brakes? From the nose or tail of the aircraft. Never in line with the axles.
List the major danger areas around an operating jet engine. Intake, exhaust, turbine plane of rotation, and high intensity sound.
whats normally considered a safe distance from an operating jet engine intake? 25ft. to the front and sides.
What is normally considered a safe distance to the rear of jet engine exhaust? 200 ft.
Why is the plane of rotation of the engine turbine wheel considered dangerous? If the turbine wheel disintigrates while you're in the plane of rotation you could sustain serious or fatal injuries.
In addition to ear plugs, what protective device do you wear when working in high-intensity noise areas? Ear defenders and headsets.
Define an "explosives loaded" aircraft. Aircraft that carries munitions, internally or externally.
Where must an explosives loaded aircraft be parked? In a designated explosives parking area.
Which personnel are allowed to remove safety devices from explosive devices? Weapons personnel.
Describe a composite material. Made up of many different materials such as fiber glass, carbon fiber, kevlar, etc..
As a minimun, what should job safety training on composite materials include? The need for and use of approved PPE, safe chemical handling procedures, and emergency treatment practices in case of exposure, ingestion, or inhilation of liquid, vapors, or dusts from composite operations.
Besidesbeing assigned to a crash recovery team, as a flightline crew chief what is your most likely chance of being affected by the dangers of composite materials? Fire.
Why should AF personnel be so concerned about FOD? The damage it causes translates to a loss of resources, money, or someones life.
What can happen when loose objects are blown or washed onto the runway? It can be ingested into an aircraft engine intake.
Who is tasked with the overall responsibility for the FOD prevention program? The Wing vice commander (WG/CV)
Who is responsible for preventing FOD by looking for and removing hazards? Everyone under the sun (or snow)
What must all workers account for at the beggining and end of each maintenance action? Tools and hardware.
If a missing tool is not found after a thorough initial search is completed, who initiates a lost tool report? The person that checked out the tool.
What must you wear when you are required to physically enter an aircraft engines intake or exhuast? Bunny suit or equivelant.
to whom should you report damaged paving in aircraft parking areas and taxiways for immediate repair? Base Airleifd manager.
What is a dropped objectas it relates to aircraft operations? Any aircraft part, component, surface, or other item lost during aircrew operations from engine start to shutdown, unless intentionally jettisoned.
Who must develope a DOPP? All units that fly, service, or maintain aircraft.
what are the prime contributors to dropped objects? Latches and fasteners.
Who normally must investigate incidents as soon as they are discovered? Quality Assurance.
What references provide guidance for servicing operations? AFI 91-203, TO 00-25-172, and specific aircraft TO's.
During fuel servicing, what three important points should you keep in nmind? Use the right grade of fuel, prevent health hazards, and prevent fires or explosions.
what can result from prolonged fuel saturation on your skin? irritation and possible rash.
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