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Med Term Chap 4

Prefix, suffix and combining forms

Symptoms Evidence of illness
Diagnoses Names of condition or disease
-algia, -odynia pain
-cele pouching or hernia
-emia blood condition
-genic pertaining to organ
-ia, -ism condition of
-iasis formation or presence of
-ic, -tic, pertaining to
-itis inflammation
-lepsy seizure
-logy study of
-malacia softening
-mania condition of abnormal impulse toward or frenzy
-megaly enlargement
-oma tumor
-osis condition or increase
-penia abnormal reduction
-phobia condition of abnormal fear or sensitivity
-plegia paralysis
-pnea breathing
-ptosis falling or downward displacement
-rrhage, -rrhagia to burst forth (usually blood)
-rrhea discharge
-spasm involuntary contraction
-stasis stop or stand
-y condition of process of
a-, an- without
auto- self
bi- two or both
brady- slow
de- from, down, or not
dia- across or through
dys- painful, difficult, or faulty
endo- within
epi- upon
eu- normal
hyper- above or excessive
hypo- below or deficient
macro- large
meta- beyond, after, or change
micro- small
neo- new
ortho- straight, normal, or correct
poly- many
tachy- fast
arthr/o joint
cephal/o head
gastr/o stomach
my/o muscle
oste/o bone
ot/o ear
cyst/o bladder or sac
hydr/o water
rect/o rectum
varic/o swollen, twisted vein
cardi/o heart
dips/o thirst
phag/o eat or swallow
phas/o speech
phren/o diaphragm, mind
pneumon/o air or lung
psych/o mind
schiz/o split
thym/o thymus gland or mind
ur/o urine
glyc/o suger (glucose)
isch/o to hold back
leuk/o white
lip/o fat
ox/o oxygen
bronch/o bronchus (airway)
iatr/o treatment
appendic/o appendix
dermat/o skin
hepat/o liver
metr/o, metri/o, uter/o uterus
nas/o, rhin/o nose
oophor/o ovary
pharyng/o pharynx or throat
phleb/o, vein/o vein
salping/o uterine or fallopian tube
tonsil/o tonsil
vagin/o vagina
chondr/o cartilage
laryng/o larynx (voice box)
trache/o trachea (windpipe)
necro/o death
acr/o extremity or topmost
megal/o large
splen/o spleen
ather/o fatty, or lipid, paste
arteri/o artery
cyt/o cell
isch/o to hold back
kyph/o humpbacked
lord/o bent
nephr/o kidney
neur/o nerve
scoli/o twisted
scler/o hard
sten/o narrow
vertebr/o, spnondyl/o vertebra
chol/e bile
lith/o stone
narc/o stupor or sleep
aden/o gland
carcin/o cancer
fibr/o fiber
melan/o black
onc/o tumer
plas/o formation
sarc/o flesh
erthri/o red
phot/o light
blephar/o eyelid
hemi/o half
para- alongside of or abnormal
quadri- four
men/o month (menstruation)
nas/o, rhin/o nose
enter/o small intestine
cerebr/o largest part of the brain
pulmon/o lung
throid/o thyroid gland (shield)
lymph/o clear fluid
path/o disease
troph/o nourishment or development
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