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Medical Terminology

White Module - General

anatomy science of the STRUCTURE/FORM of living things
anesthesiology study of anesthesia
anhydrous without water
anorexia lack of appetite
anorexic pertaining to the lack of appetite
biologist one who studies life
biology the study of life
cardiologist one who studies the heart
dermatologist one who studies the skin
dermatology the study of the skin
embryology the study of embryos
endocrinologist one who studies the endocrine system
endocrinology the study of the endocrine system
gastroenterology the study of the stomach & intestines
geriodontist dentist specializing in geriatric patients
gerontology the study of old age
gynecology the study of the female reproductive system
histology the study of tissues
larynx the voice box
medical laboratory place equipped to perform tests on patients
neurologist one who studies the nervous system
neurology the study of the nervous system
neurosurgeon one who operates on the nervous system
neurosurgery surgery of the nervous system
nurse one who cares for the sick & disabled
nurse midwife assists women with vaginal deliveries
obstetrics pertaining to pregnancy, labor, & delivery
oncologist one who studies tumors
oncology the study of tumors
ophthalmologist one who studies the eyes
ophthalmology the study of the eyes
optician one who fills ophthalmic prescriptions
optometrist one who measures vision
optometry measurement of vision & adaptation of lenses
oral pertaining to the mouth
orthopedics branch of medicine dealing with the musculoskeletal system
orthopedist one who specializes in the musculoskeletal system
otolaryngology the study of the ears & throat
otology the study of the ears
otorhinolaryngology the study of the ears, nose, & throat
pathogen disease producing microorganism
pathologic pertaining to disease
pathologist one who studies disease
pathology the study of disease
pediatrician doctor specializing in children
pediatrics pertaining to children
pharmacist one who is licensed to prepare & dispense drugs
pharmacology the study of drugs
pharmacotherapy treatment of disease with medications
pharynx the throat
physical therapist one who treats patients without medicine or surgery
physiology the study of the FUNCTION of living things
plastic surgery branch of surgery that deals with tissue repair
radiologist one who studies the use of x-rays in the diagnosis & treatment of disease
Roentgen international unit of x-rays
Roentgenology the study of x-rays
surgery branch of medicine that treats diseases, injuries, & deformities by manual or operative methods
toxic pertaining to poison
toxicology the study of poison
urology the study of the urinary tract
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