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Chapter 3

formed medical terms

Aberrant To wander
Abdominal Of, or pertaining to the abdomen
Abdominocentesis Surgical puncture of the abdomen
Abduction Movement away from
Adduction Movement towards
Cardiocentesis Surgical puncture of the heart
Cephalic Of, or pertaining to the head
Cholecystectomy Excision of the gallbladder
Cholecystitis Inflammation of the gallbladder
Cholelithotomy Incision into the gallbladder to remove stones
Craniectomy Surgical procedure to excise part of the cranium
Cranioplasty Surgical repair of the cranium
Craniotomy Surgical incision into the cranium
Cranium Skull
Cystitis Inflammation of the bladder
Cystocele Hernia of the bladder
Cystotomy Surgical incision into the bladder
Diplococci Coccis growing in paire
Hydrocephalus Build-up of fluid in the skull
Hydrophobia Abnormal fear of water
Hydrotherapy Water therapy
Lithogenesis Development/growth of calculus
Lithotomy Surgical incision to remove calculus
Otalgia Earache
Otitis Inflammation of the ear
Otorrhea Discharge of the ear
Pelvic Of, or pertaining to the pelvis
Pelvimetry Measurement of the pelvis
Pyogenic Production of pus
Pyorrhea Discharge of pus
Rhinitis Inflammation of the nose
Rhinoplasty Surgical repair of the nose
Rhinorrhea Discharge from the nose
Staphylococci Clusters
Streptococci Twisted chains
Thoracic Pertaining to the thorax
Thoracocentesis Surgical puncture of the thorax (chest cavity)
Thoracoplasty Surgical repair of the thorax (chest cavity)
Thoracotomy Incision into the thorax (chest cavity)
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