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key terms

key terms chapter 2

Adenectomy Surgical removal of a gland
Adenoma Tumor of a gland
Arthroplasty Surgical repair of a joint(s)
Arthrotomy Temporary incision into a joint
Cephalic Pertaining to the head
Cephalalgia Headache
Carcinoma Cancerous tumor
Chondritis Inflammation of the cartilage
Colostomy Permanent opening into the colon
Dentalgia Toothache
Encephalitis Inflammation of the brain
Encephalocele Herniation of the brain
Encephaloma Brain tumor
Endosteoma Tumor inside the bone
Exogenous Produced or originated from outside a cell/organism
Histology Science of the microscopic structure of tissues
Hyperemesis Excessive vomiting
Hypertrophy Overdevelopement
Hypodermic Under the skin
Intercostal Between the ribs
Laryngitis Inflammation of the larynx
Lipoid Resembling fat
Lipoma Fatty tumor
Morphology Science dealing with the structure of an organ or part of the body
Mucoid Resembling mucus
Oncology Branch of medicine dealing with tumors
Osteitis Inflammation of the bone
Osteomalacia Softening of the bone
Pathologist One who identifies diseases
Thyroidectomy Surgical removal of the thyroid gland
Tracheotomy Temporary opening into the windpipe (trachea)
Adenitis Inflammation of a gland
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