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WTHS culinary final

review for the final exam culinary arts chef croppers class

What shows proof of expertise in diffrent areas, such as culinary, baking, pastry? Certification
What are three ways a server may transmit or a place an order in the kitchen ? Writing out a customer check; reciting the order from memory; using a computerized point-of-sale system.
What are an operation's costs for such things as employee health insurance, taxes and vacations considered to be? Indirect labor
What are the responsibilites of first-line managers? Directly responsable for the day -to-day supervision of employees.
How long can an orientation period last? Serveral hours to several weeks
What can an employee do if a customer is displeased with his or her meal? Suggest alternatives
What does the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 state? Employers must fill out an Employment Verification Form (I-9) for each person hired
What is the "Danger Zone"? 41 degrees- 135 degrees
Why is truthfulness in making nutritional claims important? how does federal law protect customers? Some people are on restricted diets prescribed by doctors. restaurants are required to ensure food meets health claims. Federal law that restaurnats prove nutritional claims in advertising
What are the benifits of using recipe software? Recipe software helps prevent costly pricing mistakes and increases the speed at which recipe changes that impact yeild and cost can be made.
How does the type of lighting affect visual appeal? diffrent types of light will affect the perception of color of foods. For example, color looks diffrent under incndescent and fluorescent lighting.
What is "brigade" A team of people with each member having a diffrent job and expertise.
What happens during the ripening process of cheese? Healthful bacteria and mold change the cheese's texture and flavor. Ripening can occur from the surface to the inside or from the inside outward.
How should sandwiches be cut for presentation? Sandwiches should be cut into shapes that add visual appeal; sandwiches should be cut without pushing down on the sandwich; sandwiches should be cut into neat, uniform shapes as close to serving as possiable.
What is a tuber? The short, fleshy underground stem of a plant.
What additional step is added to cooking red vegetables? Vinger may be added to replace lost acids.
What are the three teps to working with pulses before rehdrating them? Why do you prefrom each step? Sort to remove pebbles or shriveled legumes; Rinse to remove dirt; soak to remove any floaters.
What is the role of eggs in the biscuit-making process? Eggs help improve the quality and flavor of biscuits. They also build structure and increase volume.
what is the best way to store cookies? in airtight containers away from moisture.
What are six types of specialty desserts? frozen desserts, puddings, custards,mousses,chiffons, and bavarians
Choose two of the following job titles and describe what a person in those positions do? A: Food stylist B: Food writer C: Food researcher D: Foof marketer E: Menu Developer A: layout of food for advertising photographs B: Review food products and establishments C: Develop and design new food products D: Market food products to consumers E: Design and develop menus
Describe each of the four areas below that should be included in a business plan A: Vision B: Goals C: Strategies D: Action plan A: The goods and services a business will offer, how much it will cost to start and run the business,and where the business will be located B: Once the vision is stated, goals must be put into place. They must be specific concrete, and measurable. Set
Tableside preparation is classified into four categories. List and describe the four areas. Assembling- this includes salads or dishes such as ceasar salad that require the simple assembly of ingredients. Saucing and garnishing- This category includes dishes precooked in the kitchen that need finishing touches such as sauces and garnishes.
Assume you are a restaurnt manager looking to hire a chef. A: what are four qualites you would look for during an interview? B:What are three interview questions you would ask to helpidentify the qualites you are looking for? any four: Clean and well groomed, good communicator, self confident, honest, organized, team player B: any three- What were the customers like in the last place you worked? If you could have changed anything about you rlast job, what would it be?, Desc
Describe each of the following marketing strategies that provide key information to an operation about the best possible start toward profitablity A: Location B: Customer base C: Competition D: Trends Location: choosing the right location helps prevent business failure Customer base: Examine they type of people you want to atrract as customers Competition: be coscious of your competitiors Trends: Keep the future in mind regarding type of restaurant
What four procedures should you follow if you suspect an outbreak of a Foodborne illness at your foodservice operation? Inform the manager of your suspicions immediately, Advoid panic, letthe health department invistgate,Save any Contaminated food, Report to yuor supervisor
What is the minimum cooking temperature for Ham? Ham: 145 degree 15 seconds
what is the minimum cooking temperature for Hamburger? Hamburger: 160 degree 15 seconds
What is the minimim cooking temperature for Fish? Fish: 145 degree 15 seconds
Describe the mise en place that must occur to cokk a cheese omlet? gather an omelet pan, spatula, spoon, fat, eggs, cheese, bowl for scrambling the eggs, form or whip, and a serving plate; you will need to scramble the eggsa nd grate the cheese before cooking
What food is healthier; deep fried chicken or a skinless chicken sautee in olive oil and why? chicken sauteed in olive oil- olive oil is lower saturated fat and cholesterol
What food is healthier; baked potato w/ low fat sour cream or au gratin potatoes and why? Baked potato with low fat sour cream- lower in fat, more nutrients are retained from the tater
What food is healthier; broccoli w/ cream cheese sauce or steamed broccoli w/lemonpepp steamed broccoli w/ lemon pepper- lower in fat, may retain more nutrients
What drink is healthier; an 8 oz glass of skim milk or 8 oz milkshake w/skim milk+ ice cream? an 8 oz. glass of skim mik, lower in fat
What food is healthier whole grain bread or white bread made from refined flour? whole grain bread - contains more nutrients and fibers than bread made with refined flour
How does knowledge of MyPyramid affect menu planning? MyPyramid is used to balance menu planning and in regard to variety and quality of food served to customers
Assume you are opening an ethnic restaurant. What ethnicity and what type of menu would you design and why? Ethnic selection will vary. A fixed menu would likely be used. Menus will vary.
Put the following dishes in order of how you might see them on a traditional menu. Numbering them with 1 being first and 5 being last. Corn on the cob caesar salad Shrimp Cocktail Onion Soup Grilled New York strip steak 5,3,1,2,4
find the menu price Chicken breast=$1.25 Baked Potato=$0.35 Plum sauce=$0.20 Steamed Broccoli=$0.18 using the factor method with a food cost of 28%? $7.07
find the menu price Chicken breast=$1.25 Baked Potato=$0.35 Plum sauce=$0.20 Steamed Broccoli=$0.18 Using a markup up on cost method witha food cost of 20%/ $9.90
# the ingre. listed below in order in which they would appear which equipment would you use to measure the ingredient? 5lbs c.four 3.25oz bpowder 2oz salt 2lbs 8oz shorten. 2pt milk 3lbs eggs 5lbssugar 6oz.raisins 1Lb.grated carrot 8ozwalnuts 1 balance scale 9 balance scale 10 balance scale 4 balance scale 5 volume measure 3 balance scale 2 balance scale 8 balance scale 6 balance scale 7 balance scale
When menu planning what are the advantages of having a variety of cooking techniques represented on the menu? split the workload for the cooks; split the workload for the equipmnent; allows for different flavors and textures for finished products; allows flexibility for using different quality
Imagine you have just braised a pot roast and the chef wants you to make a sauce for it. What must you do to make the sauce? Strain the cooking liquid, thicken it and season it with salt and pepper or other spices.
You have an abundance of fresh basil that is starting to wilt. What are five things you can do to avoid throwing it away? Make basil oil or vinegar; freeze it; dry it in the oven or microwave; make a pesto, or run a special using it
You are doing a blind taste test of different tomato sauces made with similar ingredients. What are five reasons they have different flavors? product temp., product consistency, the type of ingredients, the presence of other facotrs that suppress the ability to perceive flavor, use of flavor enhansers,a dn the amount of oil and water.
List five safety proceedures a chef can implement to avoid salmonella posoning when working with eggs? refrigerate eggs immediately, use only pasteurized eggs; do not use eggs that are broken or cracked; do not drop shell pieces in with your egg; wash work surfaces, tools, equipment; and your hands
Number the following breakfast items in order you would prepare them as a short order cook. Quiche eggs "to order" sausage and bacon Garnish Pancakes Waffles Oatmeal Toast Biscuits w/ sausage gravy hash browns 2,9,3,8,7,6,5,10,1,4
You are preparing a bowl of potato salad for a banquet. How would you garnish the potato salad using five of the tools mentioned in this chapter? answers will vary
You have made a brown stock, but the flavors is very weak. What could you have done differently to produce a heartier stock? Brown the bones more; cut the bones into smaller pieces; cook the stock longer; add more morepoix; add a bouquet garni; use less water
Give two guidelines for garnished soups Garnishes should be attractively arranged; cut veggies & meat garnishes about the same size and shape; use flavors & textures that complement the soup;cook vegetable or starch garnishes seperately so thet don't cloud the soup, don't overcook the garnishes
What is the most appropriate style of service for each of the following appetizers? A. Meatballs B. Filled pastry shell C. Rumaki D Stuffed Potato skin E. Shrimp with peels A. Buffet B. able Service C. Butler D. Table E. Buffet
Indicate whether each of the following is a crustacean or mullusk A. Clam B. Crab C. Crayfish D. Mussel E. Shrimp A. Mullusk B. Crustacean C. Crustacean D. Mullusk E. Crustacean
Describe the market forms of pultry available to foodservice establishments. Fresh poultry that is to be cooked within 24 hours; frozen poultry that is kept up to 6 months; fully cooked poultry that is purchased frozen or canned
You are putting a poultry order together and you must decide what market form to buy. What information would you use to buy the correct product? Menu;skill level of the kitchen staff; preparation schedules; available storage facilities
You are roasting or baking very lean birds for a function. List 5 ways you could ensure that they do not dry out and explain why each method would work Cook;low heat to avoid drying ; baste the poultry to keep it from drying out; bard the bird and as the fat renders it will moisten the meat;dip meat in oil b4 cooking it to sealjuices and keep it from drying;or sear the poultry to sealjuices keep it moist
You have sweet potatoes that are starting to get soft at the ends. What are five ways you can prepare the sweet potatoes to avoid having to discard them? make sweet potato chips toserve as an accompniment to sandwiches; make sweet potato pie; make candied sweet potatoes to serve as a side dish; make a sweet potato casserole; make sweet potato french fries; or make a purees sweet potato soup
Name 5 different types of legumes . Give an example showing how you might prepare each type of legume. lima beans,black eyed peas,cannelini beans,fava beans,gargonzo beans,grat north. beans,green/brown lentils,navy beans,peanuts,pinto beans,black beans,red kidney beans,soybeans,yellow/green split peas. Legumes are used in soups, casseroles,salads,dips mai
Choose 5 of the following techniques used in the process of making batters and doughs; beating, blending, creaming, cut in, folding, kneading, sifting, stirring, and whipping. Describe each method beating-agitating ingredients vigorously to add air or develop gluten;blending-mixing or folding 2 or more ingredients together until they're evenly combined;creaming-vigooursly combing soft
DESCRIBE THE CHARACTERISTICS OF EACH OF THE FOLLOWING TYPES OF DOUGH PRODUCTS AND GIVE AN EXAMPLE OF EACH. Hard lean dough ; soft medium dough; sweet rich dough; rolled-in fat yeast dough Hard lean dough- Made from flour, water, salt, and yeast; these products have a dry, chewy crumb and hard crust. Soft medium dough- have a high percentage of fat and sugar and produce items with a soft crumb and crust Sweet rich dough- these doiughs us
Number the stages in preparing all yeast dough products in the order they occur from 1-12 Final proofing dividing dough Bench rest Mixing & kneading Packaging Rounding Fermentation Baking Shaping Cooling Scaling Panning 9,4,6,2,12,5,3,10,7,11,1,8
List the steps in making angel food cake Whip egg whites with 1/2 the sugar, salt, and cream of tarter to full volume, sift the remaining half of the sugar with the flour. Fold the sugar mixture into egg-white foam until it is absorbed.
Explain the process that keeps ice cream and sherbet from freezing into solid blocks Ice cream and sherbet are both mixed constantly in a churn as it freezesw. The circulation of air increases the volume and ice crystls remain small, keeping the product from freezing into solid blocks
foods that provide all of the essential amino acids Complete Proteins
Fats that tend to increase the amount of cholesterol in the blood Saturated Ftas
Complex carbohydrate that does not provide energy Fiber
Vitamins A,D,E,and K Fat-soluble vitamins
Fats that do not raise cholesterol levels Monounsaturated fats
Protein broken down into small units Amino acids
Essential part of your bons and teeth; also regulate body processes Minerals
Vitamin C and the B vitamins Water- Soluble vitamins
Main Source of Energy Carbohydrates
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