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chap 18 cont 12

Urine sample collection in large animals

urine is collected from large animals by free catch, catheterization
some tricks to get horses to urinate for a midstream free catch fresh bedding, stand them on grass
male horses require what before catheterization can take place sedation and cleaning of the penis
female horses require what before catheterization can take place tyeing back the tail, cleaning the vulva
some tricks to get llamas and alpacas to urinate is to lead them to communal dung piles
catheterization of male llamas and alpacas can not be done because there is a membranous flap at the ischial arch that prevents passage of urinary catheters into the bladder
in cattle free catch is obtained by placing them in a chute, stimulating the vulva area by rubbing the area. in males splashing with warm water
male cattle can not be catheterized because of the anatomy
free catch in ovine and caprine is often done upon the animals getting up from recumbancy.
male sheep and goats as in cattle are very difficult to catheterize what are some of the limitaions the s-shaped curvature of the penis (sigmoid flexure), a urethral diverticulum near the ischial arch.
male swine can not be catheterized because of the inaccessibility of the penis and small diameter of the urethra
why are fecal samples are collected for gross visual inspection to look for mucus, sand, blood, intestinal parasites and for microbiological culture of polymerase chanin reaction assay
true or false fresh feces will yield more accurate diagnostic information for parasite identification and culture true
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