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A & P yellow 1

ia Condition
pathy disease
pre before
scopy visual examination
hyper above, execessive
al pertaining to
Thorax singular chest
cardi heart
respir breathing
gynecology medical specialty for care of women
um tissue/structure
gastr stomach
axillae armpits
anti against
endo inside
otomy cutting into or incise
combing vowel a vowel added between root-root, or root-suffix to make it easier to say. commonly "o"
enter intestine
infra underneath/beneath
gynec female
an no
intra inside
inter between
epigastric abdominal region above the stomach
stomy creating a new opening
ilium fan shaped bone in your pelvis (bum bone)
thoraces multiple of chest
dermatology study of the skin`
logy study of
bi two, double, twice
combing form a root word with the combining vowel already added
root core element of any word
prefix comes before a root word, usually gives direction or measurement
neural pertaining to nervous tissue
cariology the study of the heart
hypotension presistant low blood preasure
dermat skin
hypertension high blood pressure
axilla armpit
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
suffix goes after a word, describes the root word
peri around
endocardium the inside tissue of the heart
gastroenterology the study of the intestines and stomach
arthoplasty repair of a joint
ic pertaining to
arthr joint
costovertebral pertaining to the rib or spine
hypo low
plasty surgical repair of
hypogastric abdominal region below the stomach
respiratory pertaining to breathing
arthroscopy visual examination of a joint
epi above
itis inflammation
ism action, condition, process
ectomy surgical removal of
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