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Chapter 18 cont

Diagnostic sampling Administration techniques

Oral adminisrration As it states, giving medications via the mouth.
orogastric intubation passing medications via a stomach tube
Transdermal adminitration certain medications applied topically to the skin
Aural Adminidraation medication delivered via the ear
Intrarectal administration delivering medications via the rectum
Intranasal administration delivering medications via the nasal cavity. Valium is better absorbed through this route than inrarectal
Intradermal administration Injections performed to desensitize the skin with a local anesthetic or to perform allergy skin testing
subcutaneous administration SC route offers relatively rapid absorption rates for most injectables, except in the case of obese animals. SQ fluids
SC injections should be given in cats in the most distal a portion of an extremity as possible. The dorsolateral region should be avoided because of injection site related tumors
Site recommendations for Feline injections RF-rhinotracheitis-calici-panleukopenia RR-Rabies LR-leukemia
Intramuscular administration IM delivering medications in the muscle mainly lumbosacral musculature lateral to the dorsal spinous processes or rear leg.
Intravenous administration medications delivered directly into the vein if needed for rapid onset
IV injections sites Cat: cephalic, medial saphenous and femoral veins Dog: cephalic and lateral saphenous Occasionally jugular in large animals
Topical ophthalmic administration medications administered in the eye. Solutions first before ointments
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