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Final Exam

The narrator of the story and the main character of the story Cassie Logan
The person that was burnt in a fire Mr. Jamison
Bother of Lillian Jean, and the white friend of the Logan childeren Jeremy Simms
Meticulously laid out child (very clean) Little Man
The owner of the Wallace store Kaleb Wallace
A boastful and untrustworthy friend of Stacy T. J. Avery
Protects and helps out the Logan family by helping them pay for "the note" Uncle Hammer
A pudgy child of the Logan family Christopher John
Lillian Jean and Jeremy's father Mr. Simms
The oldest child of the Logan family Stacy Logan
The grand mother of the Logans Big Ma
The female that caused Cassie Logan to have a tragic memory at Strawberry Lillian Jean Simms
Protected the family, and lost his job as a Train rail builder Mr. Morrison
The father of the Logan childeren David Logan
The mother of the Logan childeren Mary Logan
Showing fear or respect to those of higher power formidable
A gathering of an assembly congregation
To pay much attention to engrossed
Annoying or Disturbing to others vex
Unaware oblivious
Evil like ominously
Monthly Payment mortgage
To serve a punishment, usually by authority reprimand
Rude or Disrespectful isolently
Filled of Joy jovial
Highly prodigious phenomenal
To not have access to inaccessible
To have a strong feeling for some one else compassion
To have a attitude adamant
Neatly meticulously
Part of a family tree kin
To be put to death lynched
Favors a different way of things radical
When you are chained up to other people awaiting your death chain gang
Gloomily morosely
A type of store mercantile
Vigorous or forceful sinewy
To be of interest in something intriguing
Approach in a nasty manner snidely
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