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Purple Module

Medial and diagnostic procedures

electroencephalography (electricity/brain/process of recording) recording of electrical activity of the brain
electromyography (EMG) (electricity/muscle/ process of recording) recording of electrical signals that occur in a muscle when it is at rest and during contraction
lumbar puncture (LP) needle puncture of spinal cavity to extract spinal fluid for diagnosis or to introduce anesthetic agents. Also know as spinal tape or spinal puncture
nerve conduction velocity (NCV) test that measures the speed at which impulse travel through a nerve
cryosurgery technique that exposes abnormal tissue to extreme cold to destroy it
stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) precisely focused radiation beam used to treat tumors and other abnormal growths
thalamotomy -(thalamus/incision) partial destruction of thalamus to treat, Parkinson's disease, or retractable pain and emotional disturbances
tractotomy transection of a nerve tract in the brain stem or spinal cord
trephination technique that cuts a circular opening into the skull to reveal brain tissue and decrease intracranial pressure
ventriculoperitoneal shunting relieves intercranial pressure due to hydrocephalus by diverting(shunting) excess cerebrospinal fluid from ventricles into peritoneal or thoracic cavity.
analegesics pain relief
hypnotics depress CNC functions and induce sleep
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