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EOA Duties

DEOMI (test 5)

Describe the EO program Promote environment FREE FROM personal/social & institutional BARRIERS that'll prevent SMs from rising to their highest lvel of reponsibility
Identify the Roles & Responsibilites of the EO program Advisor, Trainers & Educators, Assessor & Change Agent
Identify the elements that contribute to a sucessful EO program CCs/ldrs must: be responsible, promote harmony, support individual & cultural diversity, ensure discipline's maintained, provide fair & equal treatment
Identify K in KSAOs associated with EO duties Knlowlegable (of msn/unit, policies/procedures/regulations, org socialization systems, prob-solving, history of assessment)
Identify S in KSAOs associated with EO duties Skills; comm, observation, instruction & persuasion, team bldg/tmwrk, assessing/planning, implementing & evaluating
Identify A in KSAOs associated with EO duties Abilities; flexibility, expression (written/oral/non-verb), problem sensitivity, concentration
Identify O in KSAOs associated with EO duties Other; professionalisim, objectivity, maturity, open-mindedness
What's the main barrier to implementing inclusive policies in the workplace? Prejudice & descrimination behaviors are at the core of barriers for implementing inclusive policies in the workplace
What is perhaps the single most important element of successfull managment inprovement initiatives? is the demonstrated committment of top leaders to change
What are the "Advisor" roles & responsibilities of an EOA? Advise commander on EO prgm/policies/procedures & issues that affect climate. Provide any other assistance needed to leaders, members, subordinate commands and employees
What are the "Trainer & Educator" roles & responsibilities of an EOA? Train & educate commanders, leaders, service mbrs on EO prgm/policies/procedures & issues that impact climate & readiness
What are the "Assessor" roles & responsibilities of an EOA? Assist commanders/leaders on 1)assessing unit climate 2)determining wheter the climate is healthy & positive 3)recommend coarses of action (COAs).
What are the "Change Agent" roles & responsibilities of an EOA? Implement changes to EO prgm & other areas that affect the unit climate
Created by: tmjust4u
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