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Diversity Mgt

DEOMI (test 5)

Define diversity mgt per Military Ldrshp & Divirsity Commission (MLDC) Creation of EQUITABLE & INCLUSIVE environment. Enhances contribution; differences recognized/understood/valued thru comm/education/policies/prgms/ selection/retention/mentoring/ ldrshp & indv. accountability
Define diversity mgt per DoD Plans/prgms to IDENTIFY the DIVERSITY w/n DoD capabilities & achieve msn readiness
Recognize difference; What is Afirmative Action Focus on PREVENTION/CORRECTION of DISCRIMINATION. pratices of minorities/women. ATTEMPT TO RECTIFY past disc--requires affirmatively seeking minorities/women out (not necessarily hiring them)
Recongize difference; What is EEO Based on LAW (EEOC/OPM & needs of DoD); DETERANTS to future wrongs & CORRECTIVE actions. Prohibit unlawful disc or repraisal. Identify/eliminate impeding barriers/practices.
Recognize difference; What is EO Based on POLICY. Promote env. free from Personal/Social/Institutional barriers preventing SMs to rising to HIGHEST LEVEL OF RESPONSIBILITY.
Recognize difference; What must EO do to help SMs rise to their highest level of responsibility? 1-Use CoC as primary channel to.., 2-Identify/reslove probs, 3-provide HR/EO educ/trng & 4-Ensure INCLUSIVE activities.
Service Members (SMs) should be evaluated based on what 3 things? SMs should be evaluated based on MERIT, FITNESS & CAPABILITY.
Reognize difference; What is Diversity Mgt? It's a policy-Exec Ord 13583 Aug 2011 "promote fed wrk plc as MODEL of Equal Opportunity, Diversity & Inclusion
How is managing diversity different from Affirmative Action? (3 things mng. div does) 1-focus on maximizing ability, 2-epmphasizes business necessity, 3-more inclusive/wrks for all
How is managing diversity different from Affirmative Action? (3 things afrm. act. does) 1-Focus on groups historcially discrimnated against, 2-emphasizes legal necessity/soc responsib., 3-concerned w/ underrepresentation of women/race
Recognize benefits of diversity in the workplace 1-increase mgt skills in chng mrkt/reduce trnover, increase productivity/image/brand, 2-strengthen advocacy/compatence/confidence, 3-builds trust, 4-sharpens skills to inform/inspire/initiate, 5-fosters wrk tm innovations
recongnize benefits of diversity in workplace (IN TECHNOLOGY) 1-Systems/entities investigating new ways to interact, attract/retain, 2-increase diversity of wrk frc thru connections/inclrease participation, 3-communications asynchronous/real-time/new forms of collaboration
Identify barreirs to diversity management Poor comm (diff langs/openness), stagnate culture (don't recognize need for diversity), Inadequate skill development (cutlures have diff wrk values/skill prep), inaccuarate perceptions (ignorance->perceived threat/job security), Prejudice/descrimination
What are top diverstiy mgt practices? Top ldrshp committment, strategic plan, diversity linked to perf., measurement, accountability, succession planning, recruitment, employment involvement, diverstiy trng.
What exemplafies "top leadership committment"? Lead by example, frequently discuss importance of diversity, leader writes article(s) on diversity in org's newsletter, provides leadership & working environment enabling all to reach their full potention
What are examples of "Strategic Plan"? Diversity strategy plan aligned w/ orgs strategic plan, enable goal stating/objective stating
What are examples of "Diversity linked to performance"? Understand; more diverse/inclusive wrk environment = greater productivity
What are examples of "Measurement" Set of quantitative/qualitative measures of impact of various aspects of progm. (Quan=evaluating effectiveness of prgms) (Qual=from interviews, focus grps, surveys, identifying employee perceptions)
What are examples of "Accountability" Ldrs responsible; link their performance assessment/compensation to progress of diverstiy initiatives
What are examples of "Succession planning" Ongoin process; identify/develop diverce pool of talent of future ldrs (web based system like R-ODP)
What are examples of "Recruitment"? Develop a recruitment toolkit
What are examples of "Employemnt Involvement"? 1-develop Divers. Advis. Brd. (DAB), 2-have mentoring program, 3-Create community outreach prgm
Diversity Trng (inform/educaton mgt & staff) Interactive trng modules to all, diversity refresher trng EACH YEAR
Created by: tmjust4u
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