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This term means “ultimate or final authority.” sovereign
The U.S. gov’t helps to preserve this, “the language, customs, values beliefs of a particular group of people.” culture
This is a takeover of a gov’t from within the gov’t. coup d'etat
This is a takeover of a gov’t from outside the gov’t. revolution
This is when one person has complete control of the gov’t and inherits the position. absolute monarchy
This is an individual who has complete control of the gov’t, but did not inherit the position. dictatorship
This is the oldest form of political system. accustom
In this form of democracy, people elect representatives (it is what the U.S. is). republic
In this type of political system, the media and education system are under the control of the gov’t. command
In this type of political system, the citizens have civil rights. Consent
This French philosopher wrote about the importance of the separation of powers within a gov’t. Montesquieu
Who is considered to be the primary author of the Dec. of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
The Constitutional Convention was convened to revise what failed document? Articles of Confederation
What is the term for a “two-house” gov’t, which we have in the U.S? bicamrel
What are the powers given to the federal gov’t called in the Const.? deligated powers
What are the powers given to the state governments called in the Const.? reserved
What are the powers called, which are plainly and explicitly written, that are outlined for the federal gov’t in the Const.? expressed
This is a strong alliance of states united under a central, sovereign gov’t. federation
What is the name of the system outlined in the Const. that ensures one branch of the gov’t doesn’t become more powerful than the other? Checks and balances
This is when the Pres. refuses to sign a bill into law. veto
This is the removal of a highly elected official from office. impeach
When the Supreme Court is deciding that a law is unconstitutional, what is it practicing? Judical review
Starting with “We, the people,” this portion of the Const. declares that the people are sovereign and it outlines the basic responsibilities of the federal gov’t. Preamble
Which Article of the Constitution discusses the judicial branch? 3
Which Art. of the Const. discusses the executive branch? 2
Which Art. of the Const. discusses the legislative branch? 1
Which Art. of the Const. discusses the relations between the states, particularly as it applies to state laws that are honored in other states? 4
Which Art. of the Const. discusses the Supremacy Law? 6
In what year was the Const. ratified? 1787
How many Amendments to the Const. are there? 27
Which Amend. gave civil rights to all citizens? 14
Which Amend. gave women suffrage? 19
Which Amend. changed the voting age to 18? 26
Ratified in 1870 but not enforced in all parts of the country, what Amendment allowed men of all races to vote? 1
What philosopher first devised the idea of the Social Contract? Locke
By allowing this to continue in the U.S. during the Constitutional Convention, historians call it our “Original Sin.” slavery
What was the central issue of the Great Compromise at the Constitutional Convention? Representation
Which Amendment: Trial must begin as soon as possible. 6
Which Amendment: Forbids cruel unusual punishment. 8
Which Amendment: Right to bear arms. 2
Which Amendment: Freedom of religion. 1
Which Amendment: Limits power of police to search seizure. 4
Which Amendment: Freedom from prosecution without an indictment. 5
Which Amendment: Right to a trial by jury in a criminal case. 6
Which Amendment: The reserved powers of the states. 10
Which Amendment: Right to petition the gov’t. 1
Which Amendment: Freedom from quartering troops during peacetime. 3
Which Amendment: Freedom from double jeopardy. 5
Which Amendment: Right to due process of law during a criminal proceeding. 6
Which Amendment: Freedom from self-incrimination. 5
Which Amendment: Freedom of the press. 1
Which Amendment: Freedom to assemble. 1
Which Amendment: Freedom of speech. 1
Which Amendment: Right to remain silent when questioned by the police. 5
Which Amendment: Freedom of expression. 1
This is when someone says something untrue about a person and it hurts the person’s reputation and negatively affects his way of life. slander
Freedom of this type of speech is considered an absolute freedom because the gov’t cannot limit what a person says about this particular subject. political speech
What clause of the 1st Amend. contains the concept of “separation of church state?” establishment clause
What specific type of speech, though never explicitly mentioned, has been included in the 1st Amend. over the years through judicial review? symbolic speech
Which Amend. limits the amount of time a Pres. may serve? 22
Which Pres. served longer than any other? FDR
If the Pres. is unable to carry out his duties for any reason, who is second in line to succeed him? VP
In relation to the judicial branch, what is probably the most important act of a President? he can appoint supreme court judges
The Pres. may declare this if the nation’s safety or welfare is threatened; it allows him to temporarily side-step the rules to accomplish things quickly. National Security
This is a degree of secrecy over communications within the White House. executive priviledge
What is the last name of the current President of the Senate? Biden
What group or committee, of which the President and three others are permanent members, is essential to making foreign policy decisions? National Security Council
What President was most affected by the Watergate scandal? Nixon
Who pardoned the President who resigned as a result of the Watergate scandal? Ford
Who must confirm the appointment of all of the President’s nominees? Senate
What is the name of the President’s retreat located in Maryland? Camp David
What agency protects the President and his family? Secret Service
How many Cabinet Departments are there? 15
What is the highest-ranking Cabinet Dept.? Dept of State/ Secretary of State
Cabinet Dept: FBI D of Justice
Cabinet Dept: Border Transportation Security D of Transportation
Cabinet Dept: Alcohol Tobacco Tax D of Justice
Cabinet Dept: Bureau of Citizenship Immigration Services D of Homeland Security
Cabinet Dept: Workmen’s Compensation D of Labor
Cabinet Dept: Unemployment insurance D of Labor
Cabinet Dept: Drug Enforcement Agency D of Justice
Cabinet Dept: Treaties with foreign countries Secretary of State / D of State
Cabinet Dept: Internal Revenue Service D of Treasury
Cabinet Dept: Food inspection D of Agriculture
Cabinet Dept: Coast Guard (in peacetime) D of Homeland Security
Cabinet Dept: Food stamps D of Health and Human Services
Cabinet Dept: Embassies State Dept
Cabinet Dept: Marine Corp. Dept of Defense
Cabinet Dept: Public housing D of Housing and Urban Development
Cabinet Dept: Federal grants to college students D of Education
What is the only official duty of the V.P. as outlined in the Const.? Presides over Senate
Which Amend. discusses how a new V.P. is selected if the position becomes vacant, and how the VP takes over for the Pres. if he becomes incapacitated? 25
What was the only administration where neither the President nor the Vice President were elected (give last name of the Pres.)? Ford
Who was the only person to be the top official of two of the branches of gov’t, the exec. and the jud.? Taft
President Associated with: The New Deal FDR
President Associated with: Peace agreement between Egypt and Israel Carter
President Associated with: The 1st Gulf War Bush 1st
President Associated with: Established the national park system Theo Roosevelt
President Associated with: The 43rd President of the U.S. Bush
President Associated with: Return of patriotism in the ‘80’s Reagan
President Associated with: Iraqi War, No Child Left Behind Act Bush 2nd
President Associated with: The Great Society and War on Poverty Johnson
President Associated with: WWI Woodrow Wilson
President Associated with: Using the first atomic bomb Truman
President Associated with: Leading the US out of the Great Depression Hoover
President Associated with: Started the space program Kennedy
President Associated with: Teapot Dome Scandal Harding
This is essential to the authority of Congress, and it is when they levy taxes and decide where the money will be spent. Power of Purse
This term means to decide where money will be spent. appropriations
This special legislative committee would investigate the President. oversight committee
In fraction form, how many members of the both houses of Congress would have to vote to overturn a veto by the Pres.? 2/3
In fraction form, how many of the state’s legislatures must approve a proposed constitutional amend. for it to be ratified? 2/3
How many members are in the House of Rep.? 435
How many members are in the Senate? 100
What determines how many representatives each state has? electoral college
How many years does a congressman serve in a single term? 2
How many years does a senator serve in a single term? 6
In fraction form, how many Senators are elected at one time? 1/3
What is it called when a Senator refuses to yield the floor while discussing a bill? filibuster
What is the term for the degree of proof necessary to win a civil case? the preponderance of the evidence
What is the term for the degree of proof necessary to convict a defendant in a criminal case? beyond reasonable doubt
This theory states that there are so many special interest groups that no meaningful compromises are reached and the gov’t becomes paralyzed trying to satisfy everyone. hyperpluralist
How many representatives does South Carolina have in the Electoral College? 2
What is the term for the minimum number of members of the Senate or House who must be present for a vote to take place? quorum
What is it called when the Pres. takes no action at all on a bill that has been passed by Congress? pocket veto
If the House and Senate pass two different versions of a bill, to what specific committee would the bill go next? Confence Committee
What group of professionals is paid to influence legislation by encouraging elected officials to vote for bills that would benefit the groups they represent? lobbyist
When a bill is sent to the House, where must it go first? House Rules Committee
What is the title of the highest-ranking member of the House? Speaker of the House
If the Senate votes on this prior to discussion of a bill, a filibuster cannot happen. unanimous consent agreement
During a filibuster, the Senate can vote for this, which would stop it. cloture
Who was the first black person appointed to the Supreme Court? Marshall
Who was the first female appointed to the Supreme Court? O'Connor
Who is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? John Roberts
After the Court renders a ruling on a case, what must someone in the voting majority then write? juling opinion
This is a court ruling that may be used as a standard for all future similar cases. precedent
This is a petition submitted to the Court asking it to hear a case. writ of cert
Nearly 95% of all cases hard by the Supreme Court are what type of cases? appeals
This term means “realm of influence of a court.” jurisdiction
How many judges are currently sitting on the Supreme Court? 9
Would a federal court hear a case about an incident occurring on navigable waters? yes
Would a state court hear a case where the people involved live in two different states? no
When does the Supreme Court’s annual term begin? 1St monday in October
Landmark Supreme Court Case: Established judicial review, “grandfather” of all cases Marbury vs. Madison
Landmark Supreme Court Case: Established “separate but equal” – later overturned. Plessy vs. Ferguson
Landmark Supreme Court Case: Community standards; pornography Roth vs US
Landmark Supreme Court Case: Desegregation of public schools Brown vs Board of Ed
Landmark Supreme Court Case: Crime to advocate the overthrow of the gov’t by force Dennis vs. US
Landmark Supreme Court Case: Police reading the rights to suspects who are arrested Miranda vs Arizona
Landmark Supreme Court Case: Reinforced the Supremacy Law Marbury vs Madison
Landmark Supreme Court Case: Freedom of speech is not protected if it poses a “clear and present danger.” Chaplinsky vs. New Hampshire
Landmark Supreme Court Case: Legalized abortion Roe vs. Wade
Landmark Supreme Court Case: States may choose to have capital punishment as long as it is administered fairly Furman vs. Georgia
Landmark Supreme Court Case: An individual can say whatever he wants, but if his words are used to incite a riot, or endanger public safety, the 1st Amend. does not protect him. Feiner vs. New York
Landmark Supreme Court Case: Schools cannot prevent students from peacefully protesting because of what might happen. Tinker vs De Moines
Landmark Supreme Court Case: Organized prayer by public schools is unconstitutional Engel vs. Vitale
Landmark Supreme Court Case: Defendants are guaranteed an attorney if there is a possible jail sentence involved Gidian vs Wainwright
Landmark Supreme Court Case: Books cannot be banned from public libraries just because of the content, as long as it meets the community standards. Island Tree Schools vs. PICO
Landmark Supreme Court Case: Established “right to privacy.” NJ vs. TLO
Landmark Supreme Court Case: School administrators can censor school newspapers if the content is inappropriate. Hazelwood vs. Kuhlmeir
This is the principle of adhering to a precedent. doctrine of stare decisis
Civil cases: What do we call the party who files the lawsuit? Prosecution
Civil cases:Before filing a suit, this must be determined, which means that the person filing the suit must prove he has a grievance that can be resolved by legal action. standing
Civil cases:This is the window of time in which a suit must be filed. Statue of Limitations
Civil cases:This term means “loss of a loved one’s companionship and affection.” lost of consortion
Civil cases:This is type of monetary award is given to reimburse for actual costs. compensatory
Civil cases:This type of monetary award is given to punish the defendant. punitive
Civil cases:This is the act of notifying the defendant that the process of a case has begun in order for them to respond. serving of the papers
Civil cases:This is the specific document that states when the defendant must appear in court to answer the complaint. summons
Criminal cases:What is the most serious category of crime? felony
Criminal cases:What is the least serious category of crime? petty
Criminal cases:If an arrest is made without a warrant, the police must prove that they have what? probable cause
Criminal cases:A defendant is photographed and fingerprinted, and his police record is opened, during what procedure? booking
Criminal cases:This must happen within 48 hours of the arrest, and it’s when the defendant appears before the judge to have the charges read to him and for him to enter a plea. arraignment
Criminal cases:This is when you don’t plead guilty, yet you don’t plead not guilty. plead no contest
Criminal cases:This is money paid to the court to guarantee that the defendant will appear for all of his court dates. bail
Criminal cases:What is it called when the judge releases a defendant without the defendant having to pay money to guarantee he will show up for trial? personal recognissance
Criminal cases:This is the stage when the prosecutors present evidence to the judge or grand jury in an attempt to show that the defendant did commit the crime, and that there is enough evidence to move forward with a trial. preliminary hearing
Criminal cases:If the judge or grand jury is convinced there is enough evidence to warrant a trial, he will issue this, which is a formal accusation of a crime. indictment
Criminal cases:A request to suppress certain evidence by one of the attorneys would occur during what stage of a criminal proceeding? pretrail motions
Criminal cases:This is an agreement between the prosecution and defense where the defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge. plead bargin
Actual trail proceeding to a case: This term means the location of the trial. venue
Actual trail proceeding to a case: Can a case be tried in both a civil and criminal court proceeding? yes
Actual trail proceeding to a case: This is a fact-finding process that both parties go through to gather evidence. discovery
Actual trail proceeding to a case: This is when a witness gives testimony under oath outside of the courtroom. deposition
Actual trail proceeding to a case: These are questions given to a witness to answer in writing. interrogatory
Actual trail proceeding to a case: This is an official, court-ordered request for documents and other information, or requesting a witness take the stand. supoena
Actual trail proceeding to a case: If a trial does not have a jury, what is it called? bench trail
Actual trail proceeding to a case: This is the stage of questioning when open-ended questions are not allowed; the attorney who called the witness to the stand would ask this type of question first. direct examination
Actual trail proceeding to a case: What is it called when an attorney excuses a potential juror for a specific reason (the attorney has an unlimited number of this type of excuse)? for cause
This source of law comes from elected officials. statue
This source of law comes from court rulings. case
This source of law comes from government agencies. administrative
What is the last name of the Commander in Chief? Obama
Movie: When Smith refused to yield the Senate floor, what was he doing? filabuster
Movie: To what literary character was Smith often compared in the movie? Don Quito
Movie: When Smith was sworn into office, from what Constitutional Article did the oath come? 1
Movie: An illegal activity, this is when a person benefits from his office or a piece of legislation; Smith was accused of committing this. graft
What is the mascot of the Electoral College? eagle
If a government student were to give a nice gift to his/her government teacher, would it affect the student’s grade? absolutly
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