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Medical Review

Movement that flexes the foot toward the sole is Planter flexion ( It is the movement that flexes the foot toward the sole the underpart of the foot
Inflammation of the joints is Arthritis is the principal group of diseases fo the joints (Arthr- Joint: -itis, inflamation)
The finest gauge of suture material is referred to as 11-0 ( The guage of the suture material varies from extremely fine designated by zeros to very coarse designated by whol numbers).
Of the following, an example of a malignant ostoegenic tumor is Osteosarcoma ( oste/o-= bone;- sarcoma, cancer arising form connextive tissue, such as muscle or bone.)
Inflammation of bone and cartilage is Osteochondritis( it is a combined word form meaning inflammation[-itis] of the bone [oste/o] and cartildge [chondr/o]).
A type of structure in which the surgeon ties each stitch separately is called Interrupted ( The interrupted stitch is used most often in the doctor's office because it offers less trauma to the tissue and is easier to remove)
The longest strong bone in the skeleton system is the Femur( at it's proximal end, it has a rounded head that fits into a depression in he hipbone to form the acetabulum bone).
The reconstruction or repair of a bone is called osteoplasty ( oste/o, bone;- plasty form)
The surgical breaking of a bone is called Osteoclasis for the purpose of remedy of a deformity( osteo-, bone;- clasis, breaking).
Ankle movement that turns the foot inward is Inversion
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