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Bio 260 chp 10

axial muscle/chp 10/brulte/marieb

What is the Fx of the Axial muscles? positions head,vertebral column,moves ribs when breathing
Axial muscles do not move or stabilize the ____ or ___ girdle. pectoral or pelvic girdle
Axial muscles include pelvic floor True
What are the areas considered part of the pelvic floor extends between the sacrum and pelvic girdle,forming muscular perineum (closes the pelvic outlet)
___ muscles tend to be large and cover smaller ,deeper muscles. superficial
What is innervation? motor nerve supply to a certain organ or structure
Which muscle contricts or purses your lips? orbicularis orisO = maxilla & mandible I = lips
Which muscle works with the masseter to chew food with teethe from the cheeks? buccinatorO = alveolar process of mjaxilla and mandibleI= fibers of orbicularis oris
The _____ muscle is also improtant for infants suckling reflex. buccinator
Frontal belly and Ociipital belly is separated by a collagenous sheet or ______ epicranial aponeurosis or galea aponeurotica
The muscles of amstication or chewing move the mandible at the _____ TMJ (temporomandibular joint)
What is the most powerful and important of all chewing muscles? masseterO= zygomatic archI= mandibular ramus
What is the action of the masseter & the Temporalis? elevates mandible and closes jaw during chewing
Which muscle makes you frown? Depressor anguli orisO= mandible bodyI= skin at angle of mouth
Which muscle assists in chewing,is found in the neck area,& depresses mandible? Platysma O= thorax between cartilage of 2nd rib and acromion of scapula
Where does Temporalis m. insert? I= coronoid process of mandibleA= elevate mandible/ close jaw
Which cranial nerve is connected to muscles of mastication? 5th (Trigeminal)
What is the FX of Extrinsic tongue muscles ? move the tongue for proper speech
What is the FX of the Intrinsic tongue muscles? prepare food for swallowing
Which carnial nerve is for tongue muscles? 12th- hypoglossal
What is the FX of the anterior neck muscles? 1)control positon of larynx 2)depress mandible3) tense floor of mouth4) provide stable foundation for muscles of tongue and pharynx
What are the 3 distinct layers of back muscles? 1) superficial2) intermediate3) deep
The ___ layer of vertebral column move the neck. superficial
The ___layer of muscles running longitudinally extends the vertebral column intermediate
The deepest layerof intrinsic back muscles ____ the vertebrae. interconnect
Name 2 superficial back muscles thaqt fdall under asppendicular system trapezius and latissimus dorsi (move the pectoral girdle & upper limbs
What are the 3 subdivisions of the erector spinae within the intermediate layer of thoracic area SLI= spinalis, longissimus,iliocostales thoracis
Where do the erector spinae (SLI) insert? lower cervical and upper thoracis
hich group of the erector spinae are closest to the spine or vertebral column? spinalis thoraci
Which erector spinae is farthest from the vertebral column> iliocostalis
When contracting together,the erector spinae ____ the vertebral column extend
If only one side of the vertebral column contracts, there is lateral _____ flexion
The deep layer that interconnects and stabilizes the vertebrae include: interspinalis & intertransversarii
What is the origin/insertion point and FX of the Interspinalis O/I = spinous process of each vertebrae (medial part of vertebrarae)FX: extend
Where is the Intertransversarii located? transverse processes of vertebraeFX: lateral flexion of vertebral column
Why does the vertebral column not need many flexors? 1) many large trunk muscles flex the column during contraction2) most body weight is in the anterior front3) gravity tends to flex muscles
Where do muscles of the oblique and rectus group lie between? vertebral column and ventral (belly) mid line
What is the FX of the oblique muscles? compress underlying structures or rotate the vertebral column
The restus muscles are improtant ____ and are antagonistic to the erector spinae flexors
What 3 muscles separate the thoracic from the abdominopelvic area? 1) oblique muscles2) rectus muscles3) diaphragm
The ___ and ___ muscles can be divided into cervical,thoracic,and abdominal groups rectus and oblique
The oblique group within the cervical region include ___ scalene muscles
The oblique group within the thoracic region includes ___ and ____. intercostal & transversus abdominis
What is FX of external and internal intercostals? respiration (breathing)
Where are intercostal muscles located and what shape do they reflect? O= superior border of each ribs (within the ribs)I= inferior (lower) border of the upper ribFX: depress ribsInternal shape = A
What is the FX of external intercostals? Fx= elevate ribsexternal shape = Vlocated: above internal intercostals
The internal/external obliques strengthen the walls of the ___ abdomen; same patterns as internal/external intercostals; internal = A external = V
What divides the rectus abdominis muscle? linea alba
Where does rectus abdominis start off? xiphoid process and ends by the pubic symphysis (by pelvic region)
What is the FX of rectus abdominis? depress ribs;flexion of spinal column
Where is the Transversus abdominis? O= cartilages of ribs 6-12 & iliac crestI= linea alba; pubis
What is the FX of transversus abdominis? compress abs
As a modifier,what does diaphragm mean? muscular sheet that forms a wall
What does the Diaphragm or diaphragmatic muscle do? partition separating abdominopelvic and thoracic
What is the FX of the diaphragm? respiration
When diaphragm is at rest,it decreases the vol of thoracic cavity by ____ expiration (exhale/breathe out)
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