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health exam #2

blood sugar? glucose
average # of calories a girl your age needs? 2,300
a break or crack in a bone fracture
maneuver to help people choking? Heimlich Maneuver
sugar obtained from fruit? fructose
table sugar? sucrose
animal fat? saturated fats
stimulant found in coffee and soda? caffeine
tube leading from mouth to stomach esophagus
leading cause of death in U.S heart disease
r.i.c.e stand for? rest, ice, compressions, elevation
a.b.c. in first aid stands for? airway, breathing, circulation
cholesterol crystals that form from concentrated bile? gall stones
where most of your food is digested? small intestine
microscopic tubes inside you small intestines? villi
burn that damages only the epidermis? 1st degree burn
hardest substance in the body? enamel
2/3 of body's wight is made up of? water
organ whose main purpose is to store food? stomach
defined as30% or more overweight? obesity
most common disease in man? tooth decay
blood disorder that leaves a person weak? anemia
pathway food travels through your body? alimentary canal
type of fat found in vegetable oils: liquid at room temperature? unsaturated fats
deterioration of bones due to insufficient calcium? osteoporosis
measurement of energy value in food? calorie
fuel food which supplies most of energy for our body? carbs
mineral that enables your blood to carry oxygen? iron
largest internal organ? liver
means "poor nutrition"? malnutrition
the 2 best ways to lose weight? nutritious diet and exercise
liquid waste? urine
hardest substance in the body? enamel
emergency care given to a victim? first aid
6 major classifications of nutrients? (cpvmfw) carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats, water
involuntary muscle contractions involved in swallowing? peristalsis
hardening of arteries? arteriosclerosis
eating disorder where a person refuses to eat? anorexia nervosa
a poisonous by product of alcohol breakdown produced by your body? acetaldehyde
eating disorder where a person eats large amounts of foods and then rids the body by vomiting? bulimia
muscular pouch holds urine? bladder
condition resulting from an extremely low level of glucose in the blood? hypoglycemia
condition resulting from an extremely high level of glucose in the blood? hyperglycemia
swelling of thyroid gland that makes neck look fat? goiter
pigment useful in producing vitamin A? Keratin
what is metabolism? the process by which the body produces and uses energy from food
device used to hold a fracture in place until ems arrives? splint
yellowish green or brown liquid produced by the liver? bile
the system responsible for the process of eliminating wastes of metabolism excretory system
cirrhosis of the liver is caused mainly by drinking too much > alcohol
what is a dislocation? A bone forced out of its normal position at a joint
what is the sunshine vitamin D
if your body takes in more calories than it burns, the extra energy is stored as …. fat
amino acids are the basic building blocks of proteins
the brain's sole source of energy? sugar
most important sugar in the body? glucose
type of wound where the object penetrates the skin? puncture
3 reasons why it is dangerous to be overweight? overworked heart, shortness of breath, & high blood pressure
what is a first aid technique that provides oxygen and the circulation of oxygen, for a victim whois not breathing and does not have a pulse? CPR
victim's blood supply slows down, deprives organs of oxygen? shock
half of your diet should be made up of? carbohydrates
emergency care given to a victim? 1st AID