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Black/African Americ

DEOMI (test 4)

How does the US OMB define the racial group "Black or African American"? Person having origins in any of the Black racial groups of Africa
What is referred to as "The Great Migration"? During 20th century: More than 1 million Black African Americans migrated to the North (& to a lesser extent to the west)
In the 2010 US Census, how did the median family income of Black or African American's compare to other races? Black/African Amercan's median income $29,328 (compared to $35,856)
Why was legislation enacted in 1787 to count each slave as only 3/5 of a person? North was concerned south would count population of slaves to gain a larger apportionment of seats in congress.
What was the purpose of the US Supreme court decision in Plessy V. Ferguson? The decision enforced racial segregation (and institutionalzied discrimination)
What was the name given to cavalry and infantry Black soldiers following the civil war? Buffalo Soldiers
Who headed the agricultural department at the Tuskegee Normal & Industrial Institute & built their first laboratory? George Washington Carver (he found hundreds of alternative uses for the peanut crop).
What is a contemperary military issue regarding the number of Blacks in the enlisted ranks in almost every Service branch? Over represented in enlisted ranks of ALL SERVICES except the Marine Corps. (Also over represented in Army officer corps).
Created by: tmjust4u
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