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Asian Americans

DEOMI (test 4)

What is the definition of "Asian" according to the Office of Management and Budget? Person having origins in any of the ORIGINAL PEOPLES of the FAR EAST, SOUTHEAST ASIA or INDIAN subcontinent
Which national origin within the Asian racial group currently has the hightest population in the U.S.? Chinese national origin has 4 million (highest population) in the U.S.?
What was the purpose of virtually all legislation passed regarding Asian Americans up until the late 1940s? To BAR or LIMIT or RESTRICT immigration of Asians, strip citizenship/citizenship rights from any person marrying an Asian.
How were soldiers of Asian ancestry recognized for their contributions to the war effort following WWI? By being allowed to become naturalized citizens.
What is considered to be "our worst wartime mistake" during WWII? The wartime incarceration of Japanese-Americans in internment camps (concentration/relocation camps).
How does the poverty level of single-race Asian Americans compare to the national average? It was 11.8% - sligthly lower than national average.
Which component of the Armed Forces experiences the HIGHEST RETENTION rate for Asian Americans? The A.F.
Which service component experiences the LOWEST RETENTION rate for Asian Americans? The Marine Corps
Created by: tmjust4u
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