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renaissance figures

Michelangelo Italian sculptor and painter. Sculpted David and painted ceiling of the Sistine chapel. Did not get married
Titian Italian painter. Painted for Charles V and was one of the first Renaissance artists
Albrecht Dürer German artist. Painted the four horsemen apocalypse
Nicolas Copernicus Polish scientist. Proposed sun was center of our solar system
Andreas Vesalius Belgian scientist. revolutionized anatomy of the human body, dissected human bodies. Wrote books on anatomy
Queen Isabella I Spanish ruler. Married king Ferdinand. Patron, sent Christopher Columbus to seek new land. Started the Inquisition
Queen Elizabeth I English ruler. Cause of the Golden age of England. Defeated Spanish armada never got married, but "Married her country"
Shakespeare English writer. Wrote Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth.
Miguel Cervantes Spanish writer. Wrote Don Quixote
Leonardo da Vinci Italian artist and engineer. Mona Lisa, sketched helicopter and tanks
Created by: Lilydl