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SAT Vocab Spring 5

Second semester vocabulary list 5

Altruistic unselfish, considerate
Exemplify to show or illustrate by example
Indomitable incapable of being conquered
Assent to agree to or yield to
Impecunious poor
Infallible absolutely trustworthy, certain in effectiveness, unfailing
Cantankerous disagreeable to deal with
Precipice the face of a cliff; a steep or overhanging place
Plod to trudge or walk heavily
Chivalrous knight-like in character; courageous, courteous, generous, loyal, and skilled; honorable
Salubrious promoting health
Pungent having a pointed, sharp quality, often describes smells
Clemency mercy
Truant student who skips school or a person who neglects his or her duty
Remiss negligent, failing to take care
Derogatory tending to lessen the merit or ruin the reputation of a person or thing, depreciatory
Anecdote a short personal account (usually entertaining of humorous)
Repose to rest, lie down
Diffident shy, quiet, modest
Celerity swiftness, speed
Temerity audacity, recklessness, boldness
Discrepancy difference, error in correspondence
Extraneous irrelevant, extra, unnecessary
Truculent ready to fight, cruel
Embark to board a vessel or to begin a task or endeavor
Incoherent without logical meaning, rambling, disjointed
Unfeigned sincere, genuine
Facile easy, requiring little effort
Pallid lacking color
Virulent poisonous, noxious, deadly
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