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Pharm Lesson 21

The following are activities related to the key terms for the chapter.

Absorption Passage of a substance through a body surface into body fluids or tissues
Beers list drugs The most inappropriate drugs for ambulatory nursing home residents and adults 65 years or older
Cumulative effect Increased effect of a drug that accumulates in the body
Distribution Circulation of drugs, after absorption, to the organs of the body
Excretion Elimination of by-products of drug metabolism from the body, essentially through the kidneys, some from the intestines and lungs
Medication-related problems (MRPs) Serious complications resulting from adverse drug reactions
Mental impairment Decreased mental function in older adults frequently caused or worsened by drugs
Metabolism Physical and chemical alterations that a substance undergoes in the body
Motor impairment A loss or limitation of function in muscle control or movement
Polypharmacy Excessive use of drugs or prescription of many drugs given at one time
Potentially inappropriate medications (PIMs) Medications listed under "Updated Beers Criteria for Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Adults."
Created by: jillcyr