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Geo final exam

2 of Russia's biggest cities are Moscow, Petersburg.
the holocaust leaves the ARABS as the majority, mostly ARABS but some Jews. Palestine
Border dispute and it got out of control so Iraq used poisonous gas, the U.S. sold weapons to both sides. this was Iraq's war in 1980
This caste is the lowest caste in India, they do unclean jobs such as: street sweeping, taming hides, they are the lowest of the low. they are the untouchables
the 2000 Olympics were where? Sydney, Australia.
This leader led anti west campaign; Libyan revolution in 2011 he was killed. Gaddafi.
They are the first Australians according to scientist, they crossed a land bridge from South East Australia 50,000 years ago. Aborigines
Australians harsh wilderness region of the central western plains. outback
revolution without blood shed velvet revolution
sudden political and military takeout coups
Who was Saddam? he was the leader of Iraq until 2003.
What is the process of stripping the land of trees and resources. deforestation
some nations called it this because Russian rulers took control Little Russia
What is the belief that the soul of the human beings and animals go through a series of births, deaths, and rebirths. this is reincarnation
This stands for Organization of Petroleum exporting countries. OPEC
They have a tourism impact because Nepal is the biggest city in Italy. Nepal's tourism impact.
social hierarchy in which people were born in particular groups. Castes of India.
get location on the Mediterranean Sea. Damascus
This place had a disaster and the had to rebuild the town and you can still see some of the effects today.. Chernobyl
Center of Australian life is Australia Urban Rims
U.S. ends the war with these two places with atomic bombs. Hiroshima + Nagasaki
Japans structures are what? That they had to build up
Where was the Mediterranean civil war? Syria
What are South Africa's equality's? Others used them as slaves
What was a war that broke out for three years, in the end the Africans accepted British rules? Boer war
What is WMDs? Weapons of mas destruction
what is a brightly colored cloth that is draped over your body like a dress? Sari
What is the "teardrop" of India? Sri Lanka
How was Bangladesh created? It was a nation created out of Pakistan
Jews wanted a nation where they could escape Jewish nation
Who was Karl Marx? early 1900's father of communism
How high was mount Everest 29,035 feet
What are two New Zealands cultures? Mix of European and Polynesian cultures
What is a strip of land in which troops are weapons are not allowed, but there are a lot of mines. Demilitarized zone
What are the Tokyo Giants? Good baseball team in Japan.
what percent is the Han dynasty? 94%
What is it when the league of nations said they would control the area till the middle East was ready to govern itself? Mandate
What was it called when Israel and Egypt signed a peace agreement at least one ARABS nations was friendly with Israel? Camp David Accords
What is a selling government owned industries and bushiness's to private owners who run them more efficiently? Privatization
What is Zerjals favorite NFL team? The Eagles
What is the Stalin and Hitler signed to pact act causes for both parties not to fight each other? non-aggression pact
What is a flat grassland of a tropical weather region? Savanna
What is a production of a small consumer goods such as clothing, appliances, and bicycles a light industry
What happens with Japans sides? Japan joins allies in WWI. Japan sides with the Nazis
Why is Poland's Dominant religion today? Because a Catholic Church helped unify the nations people.
What is Ukraine's capital Kiev
Why do they have peanuts in Africa? Peanuts are grown for cash
why did they dominate Eastern Europe after WWII? Soviet backed government took over the nation
What does Wal-Mart do with China? Worlds leader in low cost manufacture is China
Who is Mao-Zedong? leader of the communist
What was the nation threatening Israel? Iran
Where were the Camels allow trade between the Northern and Southern part? Sahara Desert
What is an Ottoman Empire? Joins central power (Germany)
What was Gandhi's nickname? Mahatma which means great soul
What do Japanese schools have? School days are longer, vacations are shorter, and they have fierce competition
What are two cities in Egypt? Cairo, and Alexandria
What is African Rainfall? African rainfall is uncertain, not something to count on
What is Russia's capital? Moscow
North Korea's nuclear energy... They have a lot of nuclear bombs and they like to test them randomly.
What is Czech Republics capital? Prague
What is an open air street market which is lined with shops and stalls? Bazaar
Who is Nelson Mandela? South African revolutionary and politician
Solidarity and its leader... Independent Polish workers unit lead by Leah Walesa
What are Australia's 2 largest sizes? Smallest nation, Biggest continent
What is it when people protest in the streets about the government? Egypt's revolution
What is the PLO center? Its in Lebanon and its Palestine's government in exile they use terror often for political gains
Kiwi producer... 1/4 of African people produce Kiwi
How was Palestine created? it was alternated between democracy and violent uprisings, and it was made out of Bangladesh
what was the war that Iraq attacked Kuwait and U.S. and United Nations Forces helped fight Iraq This was the Persian Gulf War
What is the lifeless because of the vast minerals in the water? The Dead Sea
Who was the Taliban? They took control in the government!
Who was Chiang Kai-Shek? He emerged in the 1920's, he also developed his own army and president!
What was England's impact on India... 1700's England controlled the nation
Who were the 9/11 hijackers' nation? Saudi Arabia
What are Ideograms? Pictures or characters that represent a thing or an idea
What happened with Tienanmen Square? in 1989 many people wanted more, The nation now focused on bushiness not Agriculture!
STUDY YOUR MAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Created by: Hunter Ross
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