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Pharm Lesson 2

The following are activities related to the key terms for the chapter.

Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) Unintended side effects from medications such as cough, headache, nausea and so on
Anaphylactic reaction A life-threatening reaction to a drug, insect/jellyfish sting, snake bite or foreign substance requiring immediate medical attention
Chemoinformatics Application of computer technology, statistics and math to study information about the structure, properties and activities of molecules
Cumulative effect Increased effect of a drug that accumulates in the body
Dependence Acquired need for a drug after repeated use; may be psychological with craving and emotional changes or physical with body changes and withdrawal symptoms
Dosage Amount of drug given for a particular therapeutic or desired effect
Drug interactions Response that may occur when more than one drug is taken-The combination may alter the expected response of each individual drug
Drug processes Four biological changes that drugs undergo within the body
Hypersensitivity Allergic or excessive response of the immune system to a drug or chemical
Idiosyncratic reaction Unusual reaction to a drug, other than expected
Local effect Affecting one specific area or part
Paradoxical reaction Opposite effect from that expected
Pharmacogenomics The study of the effects of genetic differences among people and the impact that these differences have on the uptake, effectiveness, toxicity, and metabolism of drugs
Placebo effect Relief from pain as the result of suggestion without active medication
Prodrug A newly developed group of chemicals that exhibit their pharmacological activity after biotransformation
Sources of drugs Five ways that the drugs are obtained being plants, minerals, animals, synthetic and DNA
Systemic effect Affecting the whole body or system
Teratogenic effect Effect of a drug administered to the mother that results in abnormalities in the fetus
Therapeutic range A range of drug levels in the blood that will produce the desired effects without causing serious side effects
Tolerance Decreased response to a drug after repeated dosage; greater amounts of the drug are required for the same effect
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