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Pharm Lesson 1

The following are activities related to the key terms for the chapter.

Actions A description of the cellular changes that occur as a result of a drug
Adverse reactions A list of possible unpleasant or dangerous secondary effects, other than the desired effect
Cautions Precautions; steps to take to prevent errors
Classifications Broad subcategory for drugs that affect the body in similar ways
Contraindications Conditions or circumstances that indicates that a drug should not be given
Generic name General, common, or nonproprietary name of a drug
Indications List of conditions for which a drug is meant to be used
Interactions Actions that occur when two or more drugs are combined, or when drugs are combined with certain foods
Legend drug Available only by prescription
Official name Name of the drug as it appears in the official reference, the USP/NF; generally the same as the generic drug
Pharmacology The study of drugs and their origin, nature, properties, and effects on living organisms
Prototype Model or type from which subsequent types arise (for example an example of a drug that typifies the characteristics of that classification)
Side effect Any unwanted or secondary nontherapeutic effect caused by a drug
Trade name Name by which a pharmaceutical company identifies its product; brand name
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