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Cultural Awareness

DEOMI (test 4)

Define Race Division of human's identified by a possession of traits (transmittable by descent); a distinctive human genotype OR Group of people distinct in some way from other groups
Define Ethnicity Group of people with learned/acquired traits with close social interaction, customs, traditions, language
List the OMB 5 race and 2 ethnic groups American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, Black, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander, White AND Hispanic/Latino or Non-Hispanic/Latino
Describe the concept of culture System of material objects + attitudes, beliefs, customs, lifestyle & values that're shared and transmitted. ("Web of meaning" shared by mbrs" - USA & Marine Corps)
Attributes of Culture Learned thru enculturation/socialization, patterned, changeable, internalized (shared by mbrs of society {there's no culture of one})
What is cultural adaptation? How people adapt to other cultures
Name two ways (per study guide) that people adapt to other cultures? Assimilation & Adaptation
What is Assimilation? Process of re-socialization that SEEKS TO REPLACE ORIGINAL WORLDVIEW
What is Adaptation? Worldview is expanded to include behavior and values appropriate to host culture
How many stages are there in the DMIS (Developmental MOde of Intercultural Sensitivity)? 6; Denial, Defense, Minimalization, Acceptance, Adaptation, Integration
What are 3 stages that fall under ETHNO-CENTRIC part of DMIS? Denial, Defense, Minimization
How do you define ETHNO-CENTRIC? Using one's own set of standards/customs to judge people
How do you define ETHNO-RELATIVE? Being comfortable with many standards/customs & able to adapt behavior/judgments to variety of interpersonal settings.
What is denial (in DMIS model)? Unable to construe differences
What is defense (in DMIS model)? More able to construe differences, but they attach negative evaluations to it.
What is minimization (in DMIS)? Bury cultural differences
What is accept (in DMIS)? Enjoy recognizing & exploring differences
What is adapt (in DMIS)? Use knowledge do shift into different frames of reference
What is integrate (in DMIS)? Attempt to reconcile cultural frames
Describe cross cultural competency; what's the DOD definition? Set of culture-general knowledge, skills, abilities, attributes that provide ability to operate effectively within a culturally complex environment
Describe cross cultural competency; what's the TRADOC definition? Set of knowledge, skills and attributes that enables soldiers to adapt, act effectively in a cross-cultural environment
Describe cross cultural competency; what's the Air Force Culture & Language definition? Ability to quickly and accurately comprehend and effectively act in a culturally complex environment
Describe cross cultural competency; what are the parts of the 3C model (remember the rings)? Self, Unit/Joint agency, Coalition/Host nation, Adversary
What are the 5 OMB designated races and two ethnic groups used to provide a common language to promote uniformity and comparibility of data collected for research? White, Black, Asian, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander, American Indian/Alaska Native & Hispanic/Latnio or Non-Hispanic/Latino
What term is described as the physical or material objects as well as nonmaterial attitudes, beleifs, customs, lifestyle and values shared by members of a society and transmitted to the next generation Concept of Culture
What are 2 ways in which people adapt to other cultures? Ethnocentric or Enthnorelative
Using one's own standards and customs to judge all people, often unconsciously, describes: Ethnocentric
At which stage of Bennett's Development Model of Intercultural Sensitivity do people recognize cultural differences but still tend to attach negative meaning to those differences Defense
How does the Department of Defense define Cross Cultural Competency? Set of culture-general knowledge, skills, abilities, attributes that provide ability to operate effectively within a culturally complex environment
What are the 4 elements or levels of the DoD 3C model? Self, Unit/Joint agency, Coalition/Host nation, Adversary
Created by: tmjust4u
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