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Trng Dvlpmt & Dlivry

DEOMI (test 4)

Describe the teaching lecture A FORMAL or INFORMAL presentation of info/concepts/principles given by 1 individual
Describe the guided discussion It's an instructor controlled group process; it uses questions to encourage participation and involves an exchanging of ideas, opinions and experiences.
Describe how to prepare for a training session 1-develop training objectives, 2-conduct research, 3-organize lesson/develop teaching plan).
Prepare a teaching plan 1-Decide/develop info (definitions, descriptions, concepts & skills) you want to present, 2-Build an outline, 3-Decide your pattern/strategy, 4-Prepare your intro, 5-develop questions, 6-determine time frames, 7-select training materials
Demonstrate effective techniques for facilitating a guided discussion 1-be knowledgeable (SME/more than students), 2-Posess ability, 3-have effective personality traits, 4-good communicators, 5-Have intrinsic desire to teach, 6-respect students
What is a FORMAL lecture? Usually from a lectern; no verbal interaction (between students & instructor), 1 way, 50 or more
What is INFORMAL lecture? Students can ask questions/interact. Usually held w/ groups of 50 or less
Describe the guided discussion; what are characteristics of it? Tied to a standard, self-contained unit of wrk, adapt to needs of learner, has definite structure
Describe the guided discussion; what are advantages of it? Participation, pools knowledge & experience, stimulates/motivates participants, simulates real world discussions thru discussions
Describe the guided discussion; what are disadvantages of it? Time consuming, limits # of participants, can degenerate quickly, some members may feel intimidated/reluctant to participate.
What two types of ability do effective instructors posses? Leadership & Instructional
What are examples of leadership ability? plan/organize, flexibility, resourceful, monitor progress/results, discipline/reward, influence/persuade, self-control, lead by example),
What are examples of Instructional ability? Know principles, methods, techniques of instruction, know how to apply them, know the strategy and lesson content
What personality traits do effective instructors posses? They possess sincerity, non-judgmental, patience, integrity, understanding
What are 2 types of teaching lectures? Formal & Informal
Limited audience participation, can't be used to teach skills, and difficulty in evaluation learning describe.....(what)? Disadvantages of a teaching leacture
What is the definintion of a guided discussion? Instructor controlled group process in which students share info & experiences to achieve a learning objective
What are four advantages of a guided discussion? allows participation, pools knowledge/experience, stimulates/motivates participants, more closely simulates real world situations
Which term is described as: "a concise statement that describes what the traintees should be able to do when they complete training"? "Develop a Training Objective"
Created by: tmjust4u
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